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Middle TN afgan kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by y0ungryan, May 10, 2010.

  1. middle tn kush!!!:hello:

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  2. That looks like some pretty nice stuff, i had some of this a few months back, had an O of afghan we got for 180$. I usually wont pay more then 160 but it was well worth it.


  3. u get o's of kush for 180 where do u live? there around 400 here in chicago
  4. That sounds like a california price i copped an oz of northern lights for 140 but that is in mt shasta california in sacramento a sack of that would be about 240 so i guess it realy is relative to the size of the town you live in
  5. OMFG 400 dollars for an ounce. I live in Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada

    Prices here are
    :1/8th ( Half Quarter ) 25$
    :1/4 ( Quarter ) 50$
    :1/2 ( Half Ounce ) 80$
    :1 ( Ounce ) 160$

    Though usually the dealer i got has nice shit and sells around 20 a HQ and 40 for a Quarter.

    And i thought i was hurtin' for weed money, heh
  6. haha damn man i get o's of the dank out here in northern va for about 450 to 500 mattering on prices but i have a friend with a legal op who said he could hook us up for really cheap like 220 to 250 an o which would be awesome

  7. And that my friend, is why I want to move there :D But I can't because im short on money due to THOSE prices lol or i want to move to cali, im not sure what i want yet
  8. Fucking hate prices in Illinois ><
  9. #9 BongRipz420, May 10, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 10, 2010
    I never thought weed prices varied so much but then again theres heavy penalties for weed in the states.

    Me and my buddies were chillin and smoking some weed a while back and we were parked in a parking lot, the plant manager called police, he thought we were planning a robbery haha, cop rolls up with his high beams on, comes to the window,

    Cop: "Sniff Sniff, Whats that i smell boys"

    Us: "Just some marijuana officer"

    Cop: "Alright please step out of the vehicle"

    So we all get out and he searches us, finds about 3/4 of an ounce of weed, weighs it up,

    Cop: "Well boys your lucky if this was over an ounce it could mean jail time"

    Cop: "But im not gonna waste my time with another misdemeanor charge, go park somewhere else, and no more planning nickel plant robbery's boys"


    Oh, and he gave us back the weed too, i thought he would have asked for some haha

  10. thats awsome man! last time a pig rolled up on me when i was parked up blazin i got arrested :( and the cops were total dicks, just making fun of me tho whole time n shit, calling me a pot head with no life, and just being cops u know, i was so baked tho i wanted to be like im gona rail ur wife so bad once im out of these cuff's but i didnt lol ;)

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