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Middle men

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tokinsince2012, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Here in Illinois, we don't have pot dealers. We have middle men who can only make money by selling dubs. So buying quarters causes problems for both the middle man and me.
    Last Friday I went out and tried to buy a quarter for the first time in months. Quarters sell for 100-120 around here. This is the dankest stuff you can find here and for the most part it's usually pretty good. This guy told me that $100 will get me 7 grams. So when I met up with him, he didn't get to the meeting spot until 20 minutes after he said he's pulling up. And when he did pull up, he got in my car and said it's $120. All I had was the hundred I pulled out. I told him that he said it was only a hundred so that's all I was willing to spend. I offered him my scale but he said it didn't matter and he handed me the bag. It looked like 7 grams but I didn't want to assume anything until it was scaled. When I got home that's what I did. 4.5-5 grams. Not only that, but the weed was definitely a lesser quality than what I can usually get. It smelled and looked really good though. I didn't mention anything since I knew what I was risking, but The more I smoked the weed, the more pissed I got about it. I'm just fed up. How am I gonna find a real dealer that doesn't need to rip you off all the time? I can't wait to get my own place so I can just grow my own bud.

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  2. that's shady man.
  3. its all anyone can do around here man. Either stick to dubs or risk getting ripped off with larger quantities

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  4. Well that sucks. If it were me I'd tell the guy he owes me 3 grams. Especially since it's lower quality like you said. In Connecticut where I live, you can find dealers anywhere. For one, I live in a small town. there's one highschool for the whole town, and it's not overcrowded. Other towns have 2-3 highschools. It's crazy. So most people know eachother, I find hookups through friends etc.

    As for you, I suggest looking for kids about your age, if they smoke cigarettes they either also smoke weed or know where to find it. Try asking them. I can't really say I know what its like since I have like 15 contacts in my phone that deal. Two of them are my go to. The rest are backups
  5. Move to Colorado We need more smoking buddies!
  6. ^ you can never have enough!

    Should start growing OP, investing all that money towards a decent set up that could pull you oz's every few months instead of blowing through 100 dollar skimped quarters
  7. Almost too many dealers out in CT, best dealer I had back there I'd get 200 for an oz but there was people selling them for 280 on the regular.
    Glad I made the move to CO
  8. I bet! I never bought ounces. I usually get a quarter. And it lasts me the month (roughly). And it would cost about 85$. And I work two jobs and I put 80% away in savings for school and I keep 20% for spending money. And 85$ a month isn't too bad imo.
  9. Well obviously the middle men get it from somewhere. You just need to find out where and get it yourself.

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