Middle east with Barack and Co.

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  1. I thought this video would be interesting to see how people think that our middle east policies are going to "CHANGE"
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZvypFPscP8"]YouTube - Sen. Joe Biden I'm a Zionist[/ame]
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    and to show how that the person that called for "israel to be wiped off the map" really feels about Judaism [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNcaQ4k7VM8&eur"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNcaQ4k7VM8&eur[/ame]
  3. im sure i glad i wasnt living on that land when they swooped in and made it 'israel'.
  4. Every land has been conquered and re-settled. No matter where you live at some point in history your land was conquered, stolen pillaged, etc.......

    As a matter of fact the land you live on now was stolen from the native Americans, if you feel guilty give it back, im sure they will take it and it will set your mind at ease.
  5. very true stoned budda, but is Iran really a threat to the U.S. and Israel or to an ideology?

  6. Wow, a clip of Biden making sense. I don't recall any of that during the election. I may have to take back some of those things I said about him. :smoke:

  7. Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Mat 7:15
  8. Iran does have the second highest Jewish population in the middle east just behind Israel

  9. There are arguments on both sides, i personally believe if we did cut military and economic support for Israel, Islamic nations, not just Iran would attack and it would be a drawn out bloody war that i think Israel would win.

    I don't think Iran is a direct threat, they are not stupid enough and don't have public support (despite what you see in the news) to ever draw us into a direct war. They are a threat to oil interest etc. and that makes them an indirect threat.
    I've always believed that the reason we invaded Iraq was to partially surround and contain Iran by cutting off the direct supply channels with syria and the mediterranean. A classic military maneuver.

    Interestingly enough the U.S.Army War College preformed a study which says that Israel could not defend an all out nuke strike by Iran, however in an other study they said nukes would probably be used as a psychological threat as other Arab nations would be harmed and the land would be rendered unusable which in no way benefits anyone.
  10. like iran could do shit do the u.s.
    what is everyone worried about? i think we should fear our own government before a couple dumbasses in the desert somewhere who think they're doing the work of allah.
  11. Stoned buddha, you are deff pointing out some very true issues... if we ever threatened Iran on the enrichment of Uranium by sanctions and such, they could easily close the straight of Hormuz... if Iran and Israel really have beef with each other we should let them duel it out with as little as interference as possible. I wish that could happen but with our entanglement with Israel and with us controling Iraq and Afghanistan, the Israelis would have to use the Iraqi airspace which would put our troops at risk. For being such a young nation we have really always have been at odds with Iran. We supported Saddam during the Iraq/Iran war and we overthrew their democracy to implement the Shah of Iran

  12. Yes but those couple of dumb asses are sitting on 54% of the worlds oil reserves. As i said they wont attack us directly, they would use oil against us in a heart beat.
  13. I agree. we ain't going to be sitting around the camp fire singing kumbaya anytime soon. There is no easy solution. Even if we gave up Israel, they would still hate us. We are the big Satan not just because of our alliance with Israel, but also our loose western values. We are corruptors of youth and women. If it makes no difference if we support Israel or not then fuck it lets support Israel, at least we know they will fight FOR us.
  14. God we live in some interesting times... I don't want the draft reinstituted cause I really don't believe in all the conflicts we our in, but if this economy gets bad enough what else will there be to do besides fight??? I'm just glad I still can chief on some bud and ponder this all

  15. If the economy gets that bad i fear the fighting will be in housr in terms of a revolt.
  16. Revolt is going to happen, I just hope that the constitution can last

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