Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor

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  1. Holy shit, anyone seen this yet? Never heard anything bout it before, but to me this looks fuckin amazing..

  2. Anyone else seeing heavily borrowed features from AC? Not a bad thing i suppose..
    The whole wraith thing looks fucking awesome though and hopefully the nemesis system is more than just hype.
    Sending a brainwashed enemy on a mission to assissnate his leader is pretty fucking dope though lol 
  3. This has potential. Hopefully they'll polish up the gameplay a bit and throw in some more (RPG?) elements. Looks like it could something like a cross between AC and Witcher in a LOTR world. I just want to explore the world and lore without being forced to beat down the same types of enemies comboing light and heavy attacks for 5 hours. They're learning.
  4. I think it has potential, I'm pretty excited for it.
  5. Apparently it uses assassins creed 2 codes with the leaping animations, looks to me like itl be a lotr open world with heavy ac combat, so itl be ok but orb nothing super awesome but might have some really cool parts/ features

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  6. IGN has a vid saying they used the AC2 engine for this game.
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    Yea, there's been a lil controversy bout the whole Assassins Creed similarities. I've been a fan of AC since the first one, love the animations and even the combat and all that shit, so the similarities don't bother me. And I love how the AC games work and I'm excited to see it put to use in a Middle Earth setting. Game looks so fuckin sick to me, aint been this excited bout a game in a while. And that footage is pre- alpha, so they still have a good chunk of time to polish it up. I really hope the whole Orc hierarchy, and that nemesis system and all the things you can do to disrupt it is really fleshed out and has alot of options. Can't fuckin wait for this shit man. This has so much potential. 
    And for pre-alpha it looks pretty fuckin beautiful so far.
  8. Holy shit, I just realized, this is the first thread I've EVER made on GC lol.
  9. I think im gonna be buying this shit regardless of the reviews
  10. it looks pretty good to me, i hate they aren't going to have multiplayer for it unfortunately though, i really liked the multiplayer on lord of the rings conquest.
    hopefully it doesn't get cancelled or anything, i saw some video thing, or an article(can't remember which) that had the dude that done the coding for AC2, wasn't to happy about seeing the strong similarities between the two games, he didn't say anything about legal action though, so that is good i guess
  11. This game seriously looks the tits! I'm talking at least c cups! So you are telling me that I not only get to explore an open world Mirror...but I get to do it as a half wraith?! Fuckin sold! I hope it turns out to be as good as it looks.
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    Definitely feel you on that. And I doubt it'll get cancelled, I saw the comment the dude that worked on AC2 made on Twitter, he was kinda jokin around. Don't think any legal action will be made.
    I dunno though, this doesn't really strike me as a game that needs any multiplayer at all. 
  13. Multiplayer is over rated for the most part, if the game focuses on multi player then great but if its single player based and then u join online is it even worth playing like shit
  14. looks like a super generic thirdperson action game to me
  15. you cant judge this game at all yet. its still in PRE alpha.
  16. Personally, I am very disappointed by the Assassin's Creed look and feel. I liked AC, but like many titles, I feel it has just grown old. It was fun, but now, it's more of the same. 
    However, I am still pretty excited for this game, because the setting, and more importantly the Nemesis system, looks badass.

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