Middle class..the new word for bitch

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by PintyHet, Oct 30, 2003.

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  1. Canada may not have a middle class but they are far better off than us.. The goddamn \"poor\"(aka worthless shit fuckers that wont get off thier GODDAMN asses and work for anything)are paid for by the middle class(i\'m in college and just love to see the people I PAY FOR skip and faill out of every class and watch them drive around in thier new cadilacs they bought cuz they dont have to fucking pay for anything else). the rich dont get taxed for shit..so whos left to pay our shitty countries bills? eh thats right me! yay i love being middle class and paying for bleach drinking goddamn hobos to waste space in my classes while i take up the slack for rich people that are off fucking thier whores with the money they dont have to pay....FREAKING SUCKS! screw this coutnry screw paying for everyone else to dick around..screw weed being looked upon as the highest evil in the land while people are gunned down for looking at someone funny every damn day..i\'ve had enough! i\'m going to finish school then catch the 1st plane out of this shit hole ARG! ...

    k i\'m done now =) little shits taking weed and uncle sam taking what they havent by god i love the USA so glad i get to be its bitch
  2. im pretty sure noone can get outta taxes, if u know how the rich do it tell me cause i want ot getoutta taxes
  3. they pay taxes but they get cuts along the way.. like big land owners pay like $2 per acre and we pay like 30 or something like that(dont ask me to go look up the exact details cuz i\'m not in the mood)
  4. I would like to see the report on this.. I could use it for several reasons...
  5. now searching for every internet artical i can find..my gandfather used to work for the state and was going on about the land thing the other day..i\'ll keep at this for a few hours..some of these links may be useless to you perhaps one will be of worth


    some randome guy http://wildcat.arizona.edu//papers/89/116/02_2_m.html

    books on the topic

    Actuall information(this should do it)

    My state wins! XD yay 1st at something
    http://www.itepnet.org/wp2000/al pr.pdf

    lemme know if i need to keep looking

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