middle class left out of recovery

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  1. http://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2014/02/03/the-middle-class-eroding-just-ask-business-world/S6Dumvn0uNexucDdLQbBSP/story.html

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    the old 'let them eat cake' thing again...uhhuh
    we know how that ended in the legend...
  3. What recovery?

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    The recovery that's making the money owners even richer then they were before the crisis at the expense of everybody else?
    I guess you never read the links?  It states that very clearly.
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    ohhhhh, is it this guy? Dammed rich kids...hoarding all the cash...
    [​IMG]off to buy a loaf of bread with his fiat money
    I'll just grow food, trade for or catch meat/fish and grow my herb in peace (doing it now)...fuck the fiat game...I may play again if gold and silver back the buck
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  6. It does but with no explanation...the "separation" is in big part to high retained earnings divested in the forms of executive bonuses instead of reinvestment into capital or dividends.
  7. Inequality always gets worse in recessions. Recessions and depressions have historically always hurt lower and middle class more.

    It's not really that shocking.
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    if ur in a hurry, skip to 37:50 though the whole video is worth it. 
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    AKA 'prolonged exploitation'
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  10. those high earnings divided up amongst the executives is their own business. Its Moral hazard. It's the bailouts through taxes from government extortion that extinguished the natural law that limits greed. Fear! Fears of losing their investment by fraud or bad ideas and bad business. Fear of losing customers is gone through government forced monopolies on fuel , foods, transportations,education, laws, and law enforcement.
    Not to mention easy money. Money that was introduced into the market at a rate of like 80 billion a month by the fed buying up treasury bonds. That money had to go somewhere and to someone at current money exchange rates free of much of the inflation it will creat. So of course it goes to government programs like war and Obama care. And to the states friends the biggest coffers, Wallstreet, banker's, unions in the form of government contact's, education in the form of guaranteed tuitions , medicine in patients and regulations and insurance companies. No where in there was it there intension to help the middle class. It was to prolong their lifestyle at the top. Record profits on big business, ever gaining government profits through war and taxes that is the goal. Obama Care Is Supposed To Be The Cake.

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  11. Who is the middle class?

    Is it an upper-class businessman, who lost his business for whatever reason, and had to get a job driving truck?

    Is it a young woman with a kid, living on welfare, who met a carpenter, married him and is now living comfortably?

    Is it members of a family that had a lot of inherited wealth, but after two generations they totally squandered it (as often happens), and now their adult kids have no choice but to have normal middle-class jobs?

    Etc., etc.

    People move fluidly from class to class. Snapshots don't tell you much.

    None of it is relevant except to bean-counters and egalitarians who have nothing better to do with their time.

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