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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by caebard, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. I've been smoking a lot of mids lately(like and ounce every 3 days) and my damn throat feels like it's on fire 24/7, I've tried everything to relieve the pain in my throat(cough syrup, etc.) and nothing seems to work.

    Any advice?
  2. smoke dank.... not mids

    and gargle salt water etc maybe some oragel
  3. Don't smoke 9+ grams a day...... no one on Earth needs to smoke that much.
  4. just cuz its mids dont mean it dont and wont kick your ass. slow down. if you are going thru ounces like that you must have NOTHING to do all day long. take a T-break. let your body recover.
  5. First of all, if you smoke dank, I can bet you if you know how to smoke and conserve properly, you will smoke about 2gs max a day. Plus the taste is like 100x better than mids, and the high is as well. Mids almost make me gag if it's some shwaggy shit, and puts me to sleep.

    Oh, and your throat hurts because A. you smoke lots of blunts, B. you're smoking mids C. why on earth would you smoke an ounce every 3 fucking days?

    Such an unnecessary waste of buds.
  6. hahah 9g's a day.

    do u literally sit around smokin the whole day

  7. Sup bro, how's life
  8. Stop smoking so much, wtf an ounce in 3 days?

    Get a job or someshit.
  9. I have this problem too, because all I can get on a regular basis is mids.
    I smoke about a quad a week, any more and I either feel gross or my cough gets bad.
    If you want to keep smoking nine grams a day, I suggest you go buy a brand of numbing throat spray.
    It's a quick way to relieve all the burning and tenderness.
    Of course..smoking with a numbed throat is kind of silly, as you're still agitating the throat and tongue.
    Also--Smoking an ounce in three days isn't unrealistic with mids.
    Especially if one is smoking with multiple people, I.E. roommates.
    Not saying it's the best thing to do, but...-shrugs-
  10. As a newbie, I gotta ask...

    if Cheech and Chong couldn't smoke THAT much, how the fuck can you get away with calling it Mids?

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuck! Either it's actually ditch weed that you are overpaying for, or you are gone, in which case take us with you bro!:)
  11. Stop smoking so much. And stop smoking so much mids. This will solve your throat problem.
  12. hey man, you get what you can get but jesus christ on a srutch thats a lot of weed smokage. you might want to stop to breathe some AIR every once and a while lol.

    i always like a cup of warm milk when my throat starts to get scratchy
  13. I'm just going to throw this out there...

    If you smoke an ounce of mids every 3 days, and, for all intents and purposes, I will assume that you pay what I pay for mids ($120 an ounce), then that comes to about $14,600 a year that you're spending on weed. I'm in no position to tell you what to do with your money, but I think that's a pretty ridiculous amount of money to spend on being blazed 24/7.

    Take a T-break, drink some hot tea with honey to soothe your throat, and start smoking again in a few weeks. You could probably conserve weed (and save money in the long run) if you buy some dank and enjoy it in moderation. I go through about an ounce every six weeks, and I'm high for a significant portion of the time, almost every day. If you're high ALL the time, it will start to lose that special something that makes getting high enjoyable in the first place.

  14. get some better quality shit... Had the same thing happen to me a while back.. felt like my throat was on fire for about 2 weeks. It eventually went away by itself, I never used anything to treat it except maybe an ibuprofen an hour or so before I'd light up. Dont sweat it, it most likely wont happen again and some friends of mine got it and it never happened again... maybe a toker's chicken pox or something.
  15. I don't think it has anything to do with what quality you are smoking. I think you are just smoking way to much.

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