Mid/late flowering auto - all leaves dead and crispy

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  1. Strain is allegedly supposed to run 80-85 days according to the breeder. However last week (day 62ish) one of the two plants had a complete leaf die-off. This same plant was accidentally pollinated producing 8 seeds mature seeds around day 55.. could that mean it has given up on bud production? Stem is brown and colas don't appear to have fleshed out anymore over the past week. Don't have a jewlers loupe but from what I can tell most trichomes are still clear. Feeding Lucas formula and every third watering, Recharge. Strain is Glacier Auto, under a 450w vipar and 200w COB fixture. Temps fluctuate from 78-86 with humidity 25-40%. As my advice on when to harvest would be appreciated, the other phenotype looks like it will be done in a couple weeks.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. get the loupe $10 amazon don't harvest early just because leaves are dead. Roots are not dead plant is still alive buds are still maturing. I've smoked good pot off plants that looked like that or worse.
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  3. What medium?
  4. Sorry, 75% ffof, 25% perlite in 3 gallon smart pots

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