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    When I go to university in september I'll be living in residence with an RA. I want to get a mid-end vape in the $200-$300 range.

    It'll have to be quiet, odorless, and look inconspicuous in case somebody stumbles upon it.

    Any ideas?
  2. I have an mflb now btw, but I'm looking for something more.
  3. Silver Surfer, Da Buddha, or Purple Days would be my picks.
  4. get the surfer adn a smoke buddy so theres 0 odor
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    I recommend the Silver Surfer since you can get one for less than 200 on ebay.

    The silver surfer doesnt stink, to most people they wont know what the smell is. At first I was all crazy about my mom smelling the vapor so Id spray my room often.
    After vaping for so long though, the light smell gets lost and you wouldnt even know that somebody was vaping.

    Inconspicuous though? No. If somebody finds it, they will question what it is believe me UNLESS you buy the aroma therapy top THEN the unit automatically becomes a aroma therapy tool for people and nobody will question that if you buy some waxes, BUT remember buy the aroma therapy top from 7th floor or Ebay.

    The only high end vapes that are extremely inconspicuous by themselves are the log vapes which also save more weed for you.

    The problem with log vapes though is theyre meant to be left on and take 30 minutes plus to heat up usually. I prefer heating my unit up FAST so its welcomed anywhere.

    Dont buy an average vape, with $200 you can get pretty much any good vape if you do enough research into what YOU want.

    "Jesus... .titty-fucking.. ..christ. I'm sooo fucking high right
    now....kinda scary. I was used to the MFLB...I just ripped at hit
    from this SSV...cough out CLOUDS of vapor....WTF ?!"

    Read away sir.
  6. Thanks for the great responses!

    Anyone know a good Canadian website to buy the ssv besides ebay (nothing but bad experiences with them). None of my lhs sell it.
  7. None since 7th Floor is American owned.

    The seller with the name 7thFloorSales on ebay are legit since its the actual company.

    I would HIGHLY suggest to buy a blemished one from ebay just because most people say that they cant even find the blemish yet it knocks off $100+ from your purchase.
    7thFloor vaporizers (SSV and DBV) can be fixed by the company for any reason at all for a rate of $25. That alone puts it over the competition because the SSV is already a fucking tank.
    The biggest benefits of the SSV though are the ceramic heat rod that only touches glass and NEVER travels through the guts of the unit like \tMOST other vapes and that the electrial components of the SSV and DBV are simply an on and off power switch like a light bulb which is exactly why the company will fix it for so cheap because theyre simple in function.

    Youve made a good choice, I can guarantee if you go through with this, your mind will be fucking blown.

    Sorry I had to go into more detail I just LOVE my SSV so much that I have to name out more of the hidden points that nobody talks about much.
  8. purple days for sure, used that all through boarding school.

  9. Yup. The OP wants something that is inconspicuous and there have been multiple reports of people getting busted and having all their weed and paraphernalia confiscated by the cops with the exception of the Purple Days, which they just left alone, not knowing what it was.

    The OP also wanted something that didn't smell too much and the PD with it's very small bowl accomplishes this much better than any whip or bag based vape.
  10. if you are scared of getting caught id go with the Purple Days which from what Ive read is an awesome vape as well.
    There is no best vaporizer though, there are good vapes that can do certain things better than others.
    My SSV as opposed to the purple days probably goes through much more weed at a much faster pace but my ssv still conserves on its own.

    I really cant say on the functionality though because like many other people, I only own one vaporizer.
    Iwen is one of the few knowledgwable people who is varied in what hes tried, Id take his information into closer inspection.

    I'd like to make a comparison of buying a vape as a leap of faith, youll just have to get one and see for yourself and hope its what you wanted.
  11. Hey, thanks for all the advice, very helpful!

    I'm going to look further into the purple days and ssv, they both look so good. Hadnt even heard of purple days until now.

    Although, a friend of mine is selling his used hot box very cheap, I'm considering sweeping it up. Anyone have any experience with this vaporizer?
  12. its a cheap vhina vape, if its less than $50 maybe try it out and see if vaping is for you after all :)

    Im pretty sure you will though since its smoothe and the bowls last way longer. :)
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    Ok, sounds good, thanks again!
  14. I too recommend the silver surfer, I have yet to meet one person displeased with it. So if you do end up ordering it, and are disappointed, please PM me as how you'd be the very first lol.

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