Microwaved cookie dough and milk

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by The Crunge, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Microwave some store bought cookie dough for like 30 seconds and you will be in heaven.
  2. Does it just make a gooey mess or kinda bake it?

  3. I made the same face Ice-Cube is making in your sig when I saw this thread.
  4. It's the consistency of the brownies in Banquet Meals.
  5. At first thought, it sounds odd. However, due to autoimmune disease, I"m currently on steroids. So I got the munchies like a mofo. Big carby sweet munchies. Right now (as I sit here with my cup of butter, sugar and cinnamon) it sounds mighty tasty. Yeah... I'd try it.

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