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Microwave + weed + kief + peanut butter + oil = ??? Finally put to the test

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by NFloyd2357, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. I just made a peanut-butter/weed concoction, and then microwaved it. Despite all the threads people have made about the microwave ruining your weed, i've had a few friends who used this technique relatively often at school, and swore by its effectiveness; so i decided to try it. I also am skeptical, and will not be surprised at all if it doesn't work... not just because i used a microwave, but because cooking marijuana has never really worked for me. I've eaten legit brownies about 3 times, and perfectly made firecrackers twice, with little results. So i decided to try this; used about a gram of nug, and a lot of kief. I mixed it in a cup that was a big mixed mess of marijuana, kief, all natural peanut butter, and olive oil. Its still a bit soupy and hot right now, so i'll eat it in about 10 minutes, and let evyerone know how it works out.

    oh yeah, i microwaved it 3 times. 50 seconds at 50%, 25 seconds at 50% and apprx 20 seconds at 100%
  2. quick update: just ate it all up. didn't taste too bad at all. I'll report back wayyy later tonight cuz im heading out for a bit
  3. I'm kinda interested to see if this works.
  4. nice experiment.

    kinda anxious for the results.
  5. keep this thread alive!
  6. u.....will.....die.
    edit: nvmnd...i thought u meant weed...kief...weed budder....and weed oil.
  7. pretty surprised by the results. I was fuckin baked tonight. Way more baked than i've been in a while. cool, this was deffinitely better than expected.
  8. Shweet man, ima do this =]
  9. does it smell?
  10. Ive made firecrackers like 8 times and the only time its worked was when i made it in the microwave.
  11. Can we get some step by step action? I assume you mixed peanut butter right out of the jar with the oil and bud. How much PB? What kind of container? Did you close it up when microwaving? Did you take the top off in between? Did you mix it up in between? Thanks bro.
  12. i had some bud in my pocket once then walked into a hot tub. when i came out i just microwaved it then the chlorine or whatever was in it fucked me up good. So high
  13. i literally just stirred a mix of peanut butter, olive oil, finely ground weed and keif into a cup, and microwaved it a few times for short periods of time. it worked, doesn't smell
  14. your firecrackers probably didnt work cause you are using a bad temp and time. Try using 350 in 15 minutes. Works the best out of all the times and temp i have tried.
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    ah I'm glad it worked! I just did the same thing pretty much (1 tablespoon natural PB to half gram of Jack Herer shake and kief) and did mini microwave sesh's like you, only I dumped the weed in AFTER I heated the PB so no chances to nuke the bud in the microwave.

    Edit: Damn. It wasn't such a great idea of mine I guess? Time to microwave the mixture

  16. you understand that the weed has to cook at very high temp for the thc to stick to lipid molecules? u cant just stick weed in there and eat it cold, itl taste like shit and ull waste ur weed...
  17. hmmmm.. well the PB was hot and oily and the shake was really finely ground, the hot high-fat PB and shake really isn't going to do anything?
    (I'm not gonna put it in the fridge)

    And anyway, it was just about .5g, and I picked up 1 and a half oz. today so... not a big loss.
    Thanks for bringing my hopes back down to reality though, :)
  18. k if u havent eaten it yet, throw the pb and herb into the microwave and do as the guy stated above.
  19. alright I think I will, thank you for the knowledge!
  20. I know this is an old thread but I thought people would want to know my story.

    After reading about all the skepticism about microwaving weed with peanut butter I finally decided to give it a test.

    I made two different kinds of firecrackers. The first one was made by putting peanut butter in a shot glass (I wasn't going to use crackers at first) and putting around .15 g of some good mids on top and then putting some more peanut butter on top of the bud. I then microwaved the glass for about 30 seconds and then took it out and stirred the peanut butter and microwaved it again for 30 seconds and then repeated the stirring one more time for a total time of 1:30 of microwaving. Then I put all the weed-peanut butter mixture onto a saltine cracker and then put another crack on top and ate it. It actually tasted pretty good I thought and wasn't too hot.

    My second firecracker was with a Reese's Cup. I ate the thin top chocolate layer off and put around .1 g of mids onto the centerish peanut butter area. I then folded the outsides inwards so as to have the walls of the Cup on top of the newly added weed. I then put another .1 g of mids on top of this strange looking Reese's Cup. I put the whole Cup on a saltine cracker and microwaved it for one minute. I then put another cracker on top and microwaved it again for 30 seconds and ate it. It tasted GREAT!


    I ate the first firecracker at 11:15 pm and then smoked a good amount of bud from 11:45 pm - 12:45 am . I made and ate second firecracker at around 1:20 am.

    It is now 2:35 am and I am steadily and gradually getting higher as I type this. Mind you, I'm freakin already high as shit right now!!!

    So total I ate an estimated microwaved .35 g of mids and it is having a definite noticable effect. Music sounds amazing. Strong body buzz.

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