Microwave to dry out hurt potency?

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  1. I know this is a terrible thing to do to the weed, but one does have to know, if you microwave your weed to dry it out/cure it, will this affect potency and how so. Should I do it in increments to not let it rise above a certain temperature? Thank you very much for your knowledge.
  2. Not a good idea. Microwaves are terrible at drying anyway. An oven, maybe.. but still bad. A microwave cooks by exciting liquids. THC is an oil and it will also get excited before heating up resulting in it bursting out of the walls containing it. You'll end up with some hot, less potent weed. Not dry.
  3. Take sum bud u wanna test,,chop up if chunky. Take a paper towel put in a tupperware w/lid ,,now take a couple of paper towels wet them,not dripping wet. Lay the wet paper towels on top not touching bud and take the lid and install leaving a space for the steam to vent u r going to dehydrate them,,without damage to resin glands. Now for microwave setting i use the lowest setting,,give it small burst of waves,,play with it and u will find the right time and setting for u. It's the best way i hav found,,and it retain's sum of it's flavor,,but this is for testing purposes,,actually harvest is the most important part of growing. Treat it like a fine wine "cure it"
  4. I suppose if you wrap it like that the towels will absorb most of the evaporating liquid (and thc). Bursts isn't a bad idea. Interesting that you've tried it that way. Can't imagine how much potency is being lost.

    Doesn't seem to be that good of a test either since the full plant properly cured will barely resemble the microwaved stuff. I'd rather just turn it to hash, at least you won't lose potency. Hash that paper towel! hehe
  5. Most microwave have an adjustment for power, so, if you can spare the time, (lowest= slowest). Might be fun just to experiment, starting low of course.
  6. it hurts potency a bit. But works. I am smoking some I just nuked in the microwave. I just let it go a few secs at a time then stop once the buds dry. Not very complicated and gets the job done for a sample.
  7. I find the oven works much better.

    But I am a big fan of smoking your bud whenever and however you want.

    So good for you, I pull buds and dry them and smoke them all the time, i like the freshness, I like to test my plants, i hate being out of smoke... :smoke:
  8. I use a toaster over at 175F for 25-45 minutes, I use scissors to cut it up some so that it dries out at the same rate.

    I've used a microwave before and don't aim on doing it again. I've had pot literally catch on fire after just a few seconds. Even on a lower setting I find it's just easier to use the toaster oven.
  9. I've harvested many grows and did the quick dry microwave method to test nugs hundreds of times.

    I agree it fucks with the taste and the potency a little, but overall it works fine, and it will get the bud dry enough to smoke anyhow you like.
  10. lol, ya I had some ignite before too
  11. haha, i used the micro the other day and the shit caught on fire too. im gonna stick to the toaster oven on a low heat from now on too.:smoke:
  12. I will have agree with you that it does mess w/ taste and milds out the potency a bit. But overall the green is still selling for $55 a cut and people are drooling over it. I personally notice the difference but as for the customers I don't think so, they are midgrade smokers. So anything dank just blows them away. Thank the lord for midgrade smokers. :wave:

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