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Microwave firecrackers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Squishey, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Would this work? Im thinking like, a 1min-2min on high power.
    how much would it stink?
  2. some posted and said it didnt work from there personal experience so i wouldn't even bother unless for some reason you cant cook it
  3. no it wont work. and when i cooked mine in the oven it didnt really stink. smelt like warm peanut butter.
  4. Ok. My room mate is against mary jane. So he would freak out if he could smell it. SO i would be 100% good if i baked them?

    I dont have crackers. any alternatives? toast? tortias?

  5. Baking them is the way to go. And you can use anything you want, just as long as the PB is oily and doesn't dribble out the sides with your bud in it.
  6. go ahead and make firetoast but make sure you cook it in the oven
  7. Don't microwave it dude. If I were you and wanted to do it quickly I'd bake it. I made some and let them sit for a few days, then microwaved before I ate them thinking it'd give it a little extra boost. It only smelled like peanut butter, so you'd be good on the smell.

    However, if you bake them...make SURE you let them cool down, or hold your nose and have plenty of milk when eating them. Idk if it was just mine or what but it tasted like absolute SHIT. I was gagging like crazy, and it's even nastier warm. But when I held my nose I downed 2 of the bitches without a single gag or anything, just be sure to NOT let go untill you've downed the whole thing and drank a few sips of something.

    If you have a strong stomache more power to you, but those bastards are nasty.

    Otherwise let it sit for a few days, that's what I did and it got me pretty stoned for a good amount of time.:smoking:
  8. An oven works by raising the temperature inside the oven to however many degrees you set it to. Then, the substance in the oven (pizza, firecrackers, whatver you are making) gets cooked due to the high heat. This heat is similar to a flame burning a bowl, or a vaporizer vaping the weed.

    A microwave conducts waves in the microwave which resonate with the water in your food. It then causes the food to heat up, yet it doesn't cook it... which is why you can't (or shouldn't) cook raw food in the microwave.

    So, no, a microwave wouldn't work.
  9. Oh yeah, a little tip- If you really want to make decent tasting firecrackers, spend a few bucks at the grocery store and buy graham crackers and some honey. In can't be more than 5 bucks for the both of them. Put the firecrackers together like the guide says, then before you take a bite just dab a little bit of honey on the spot you plan on biting. In all honesty, I enjoy the taste of them and would definitely eat them even if they didn't have bud in them.

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