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microwave firecracker recipe please!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by purplelefantz, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. i need to make some firecrackers for a sleepover, but i dont have an available oven or microwave oven (yeah, i know, kinda pathetic). i have a microwave, and i'm desperately hoping that somebody has a good recipe for making them that way. please and thank you!
  2. Not to get all scientific but....

    Ovens cook through convection... the transfer of heat...thc is heat soluble(shitty spelling)

    Microwaves cook through MICROWAVES( duh hehehe)... which are the waves passing through and exciting water molocules there for cooking the food. I dont know if THC is microwave soluble. So I dont know if a recipie actually exists..

    Yet again im very high right now and learned about Microwaves from the food channel... So i could be wrong...
  3. look at the large thread on this page....
  4. idk how microwaves work really, but i imagine you could heat peanut butter with weed in it in a microwave, stirring occasionally..the PB still gets hot..
  5. I saw a reciepe that just said put cheese on a cracker, put weed on cheese, microwave, and eat... dunno if it works though
  6. #6 abilities, Jan 8, 2009
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    the essential thing of cooking them in the oven is the option of temperature adjustment. you can set the oven at like 300 degrees, well below marijuana's temperature of combustion, to cook it. a microwave has no such option, so i dont know, if thc would make it through or not... very good question.

    i'm just guessing, but are you saying you have no oven available because you live with your parents? i've been told that they make no smell at all... you could just do it really late at night when your parents are asleep and tell them youre making baked potatoes or something plausible that you have in your house that could be wrapped in tin foil in the oven, ha. that or make them while they're at work or something. but, if you just dont have an oven, youre shit outta luck ha. should try and see if the friends house youre going to has parents that work into the late afternoon so you can make them after school and eat em early. or you could just live in a dorm and i could be completely wrong about my assumptions.

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