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Microwave Firecracker Recipe Instructions?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by EarlOfLemonKush, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. What's the best firecracker microwave recipe? I used peter pan peanut butter and graham crackers and sprinkled well ground weed on it and it's been sitting since about 5am this morning. How long should I put it in the microwave and at what setting? Please help.

  2. use an oven
  3. Can't. Doesnt work. Tried so many temps and times. I want to use a microwave.
    you have no idea what you are doing...microwaves will not work...
    use an oven as you were told or just go fuck up your pot like a fool.
  5. what time and temperature
  6. dont make firecrackers. make butter. and not a single serving at a time either, too much loss potential that way.
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    Wrap them in tinfoil and cook them 15 minutes at 250F and then 20 minutes at 350 in an oven.
    I know you didn't decarb the weed from the last thread you made, so the two different cooking times is a last ditch effort to give you a decent edible.
    Also don't make firecrackers next time, make peanut butter. It's easier to work with, more versatile, and you can spread it on a cracker anyway.

  8. Oh and one more thing, you've said edibles didn't work for you before. Make sure you give it at least an hour to feel the effects. Don't like... get mad 40 minutes later and go to sleep. You'll miss the high, if it works it can last for hours.
  9. How about using that SEARCH mode and there are plenty of threads about this. Don't be lazy.

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  10. Exactly that.

    Also I've got a friend who literally threw avb into a peanut butter sandwich and ate. The THC just needs to absorb into the oil and fat of wtvr your eating.

    It's really not hard...

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