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  1. dont you agree that drying bud in the microwave is retarded and a waste of all the time you put into it.

    My old friend did this and it came out awful
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  2. yes i agree, but i'd never try it
  3. Quick dried weed done by any method usually taste horrible.

  4. doesnt it mess with potency majorly
  5. [quote name='"fanjoyy"']

    doesnt it mess with potency majorly[/quote]

    Never tried microwaving. I have used an oven though, and it does effect it a bit in my opinion. I believe around 250 degrees thc starts to degrade rapidly. The only quick way I have heard that is decent was using a food dehydrator, but that can take a day or so and I have never tried it personally.
  6. Since a microwave is used to cook food, well...should be 'nuff said.
  7. Yes its a dumb idea but other then a dehydrator prolly easiest way to quick dry. The problem with quick drying is it doesnt remove the chlorophyl which is a big part of bud tasting harsh. Its why we dry properly and cure.
  8. please do not throw away all the work you put into your plants by microwaving the buds dry. friend did this with only 1 little nug i cut off for him to try early.
  9. Yeah that's retarded. Friend did it with his shit and it tasted like ass and didn't even give me a buzz.

  10. Well, it probably "vaped" all of the THC out. Same concept, high heat (this time by exciting molecules) without direct flame.
  11. So, recently i harvested my crop, currently drying it in an old wardrobe (closet) in my bedroom a the usual method ive always used and whats always worked for me... out of curiosity i decided to try microwaving a small bud to see what would happen.

    I was shocked to be honest, personaly i think i may have slightly overdried the test product but it didnt seem to effect the quality too much.

    I placed my nug on 2 wet paper towels and placed them in my microwave and set ot to DEFROST. Nuking the bud for about 20-30 seconds at a time and checking it until dry enough to smoke. (Like i said personaly i think i went a bit too long and overdried slightly so watch out you dont do that) but appart from that minor mistake... it worked, i got a moderately nice tasting, smoke that even got me high. Itcould be the make of microwave im using? Would have probably been nocer if i had left it to dry but i can honestly say ive bought worse weed than what i dried in the microwave. So its not bad if its an emergency but still better to dry and cure properly... if a little bit of a longer process
  12. doing that shit is nasty just dont do it period !! of course it effects potency active major cannabinoids are stored in the trichomes of the plant and so are the very important terpenes. without terpenes you have no tasting bud these are very volatile and break at the slight touch microwaves will destroy trichomes before you can blink :D

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