Microsoft smoked DANK!

Discussion in 'General' started by Wachiga, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. I was typing my essay about tourettes and when I spelled the word DNA, the spelling correcter suggested dank, lol :D

  2. It is a real word you know.
    My Writers Craft teacher gave us a large list of possible adjectives to use in a story,
    and dank was one of them.
  3. so if it means unpleasantly moist or wet, why do we use it to describe dry, high potent marijuana.
  4. dark, damp and humid; highly potent

    And no potent isn't an actual definition for it.
    Stoners just like the word.
  5. so what your saying is moldy weed is potent. id rather not smoke it
  6. No I'm saying that the actual definition of dank has nothing to do with the stoner definition of it.
  7. learn ur vocabulary kid
  8. And i always thought Mac OSX was the stoner operating system.:rolleyes:

  9. Now this is just funny...
  10. Next thing you know they'll be putting the word "chronic" in the dictionary lol
  11. and ironic on top of that!
  12. dank [dangk] (adjective) -er, -est:

    The stickiest of the icky.

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