Microsoft Predicts 1 Billion Next-Gen Console Sales

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    Despite a lackluster reveal of the Xbox One, Microsoft predicts they will sell 1 billion consoles over the next decade. That's about 900 million more sales than the Xbox 360 has achieved. If you ask me, that's pretty outrageous considering the astounding amount of negative feedback they've received from the Xbox One reveal.

    Apparently the plan is to sell the 'One' as more of an entertainment and media device than a gaming console. So it seems that Microsoft really doesn't care what the hardcore fans want. They're marketing this console to a far broader spectrum of people than just gamers, and expect a huge boost in sales because of this.

    Will their plan work? Who knows, but it's clear that gamers are getting the short end of the stick on this one. The DRM crackdown and shift of focus away from gaming is appalling. Bottom line, if you want to game take your business elsewhere, because the Xbox One's top priority isn't gaming.

  2. somebody over there has been sippin a little too much koolaid
  3. im confused, what was so "lackluster" about the xbox one? its got everything you'd expect it to have. hopefully its not a piece of shit like the 360 tho. even though i don't really care, ill stick to my pc.
    i personally think people are fucking stupid with the whole ps4>xbox or xbox>ps4. their both extremely similar consoles with 90% of the same games and features. and they obviously borrow ideas from one another. lolol and its top priority wont be gaming? lets not get ahead of ourselves here
  4. the only way they get even close to half that number is if they sell it dirt cheap.  consoles have advertised themselves as entertainment devices in the past, and they never came anywhere near 1 billion sales.
  5. even if they did sell 1 billion it wouldn't matter because console manufacturers always lose money on their consoles. it's the software that they make their profit from. hence, not being able to pop a previously played disc in without paying a fee to play it. it's whatever though. i'll buy one still. as long as it actually plays games. don't care about nfl and haven't had cable in almost 5 years.
    and all the console manufacturers have lost their focus on core gamers. they think that in order for us to justify spending $500 on a system it has to do more than play games.
  6. If Microsoft were smart, they would integrate the XBOX into a PC so you can do both. Even online.
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    Maybe they won't fix it for free when it systematically breaks like all of the 360s, so you have to buy a new one?
  8. There's been talk of subsidised purchase plans for the next Xbox i.e. just like a phone contract - pay for 2/3 years of Xbox Live upfront and they will drop the price significantly.
    That's just rumors though. It's the only way I could ever see them selling that amount though, and even then it still seems overly ambitious. Sounds a lot like a marketing gimmick - 1 billion Xbox Ones sold over the next decade? Yet right!
  9. The new Xbox looks like a VCR
  10. They had that plan where you could sign a plan for xbox live for 2 years and get an xbox for $200 with the 360 release as well. Problem with it is during the contract your not paying the normal 5 dollers a month, They make you pay $20 a month for live with the contract.
    It may have been that way in the past but not anymore, unless Sony wants to come out with a public release guaranteed to fuck up their business. This is basically what they said at the release party;
    Always has to be connected to the internet to play(internet goes down you no longer have box, cant pay your bills, guess what now you have a 500$ brick).
    They also started doing digital rights management, meaning if I take a game over to your house and you want to borrow it, you have to pay the full price of the game to be allowed to play it. Meaning used games are a thing of the past for Microsoft.
    Combine that with the fact that it's bundled with tons of shit I don't want but will be charged for anyway, like skype connectivity, kinect, blu ray, etc.
    Speaking of skype, as was said in another thread, adding skype alone makes your system vulnerable as all fuck to other people. I'm not sure I'm ok with my 500$ system, that is always connected to the internet, that has my credit card info and kinect is always available to, being able to be hacked more easily.
    Look at the things the things I listed and tell me how they improve your gaming experience?
  12. if it does, it will be the greatest selling cable box ever.
    Hah i hope they know that's totally going to backfire and millions of people are going to be fucking pissed.
    this is why im glad i have a gaming pc. no bullshit. its the way the gaming gods meant for us to play.  :smoke:
  14. I'll only be buying the Xbox one if someone hacks it.
  15. Microsoft shot themselves in the foot on this one.
    Not only is it bringing nothing to the gaming table, and ironically taking things away, but I hope Microsoft's products get boycotted by business's like Gamefly, Gamestop etc etc. Any company that is in the business of buying and selling used games is going to take a massive hit from Microsoft. So they should just not sell their products.
  16. 1 billion hahahah I doubt.
  17. I think they meant to say they  sold 1 billion PS4's after that conference. They gave Sony's stock an 8% boosts while their stock fell almost a percent. Unless they have an impressive showing at E3 I am not interested in it and I have exclusively owned an Xbox console since 3 months after the very first one came out over 10 years ago. 
    They could have the best E3 lineup to ever exist, it still wouldn't make the pros out weight the cons. Now Microsoft is blaming the gaming media for the consumer outrage they've unleashed.
    LOL, it just keeps getting better.
  19. People who have never owned an xbox will probably buy one however the outrage has gone viral pretty much so all the hardcore fans know they're getting fucked AND kinect is included in the xbox bundle so it will not be as dirt cheap as some people think.
    I think the lead producer at xbox has some major crack debt that he needs to pay off or something because what they're trying to do here is so risky its stupid. 

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