Microsoft buys Skype, fuck.

Discussion in 'General' started by redchrons, May 10, 2011.

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  2. I am happy to say I have never used Skype.
  3. microsoft ruins everything.
  4. Not enough people give a fuck about me for me to have a skype account
  5. thats exactly what i said when i my boss told me this morning

    "hey bud(everyone is nicknamed "bud" at my work), whats skype and why would microsoft pay 8.5 billion fuckin dollars on it?!"


    not even joking, at the same time i rarley use it, nor do i pay to use it, so i don't really give a fuck, i just use it to talk to my grandma some times because she lives so far away, and i know she would be crushed if we couldn't skype once in a while because our family does not believe in paying for shit on the internet.
  6. Lol.

    A lot of my high school friends went to different schools then me, stay in touch that way. Also over the summer if friends go out of town for a few months or so. I haven't used it a lot but it was definitely really useful to have.

    edit: Microsoft is paying that much because it gives it access to a fuck ton of customers it didn't have before, especially in Europe and other countries abroad. It also plans to use its technology for the Windows phone and what not, which might suck because if its APP is exclusive to Windows phone that would blow ass.
  7. So...the company behind Skype isn't all that fantastic. You think it will ruin Skype, I think it has potential to make it better.
  8. i use skype

  9. Yea I was mostly joking, I think Microsoft will find a way to integrate Skype's technology into its own exclusive stuff (Windows phone, Xbox, maybe Zune eventually, etc) while still retaining most of the customers who only use Skype and have no interest in Microsoft products.

    I doubt Microsoft would do anything to alienate the 8 million customers per month that pay or whatever the article said.

    I don't know if Microsoft will really make Skype itself better though, the CEO of Skype is going to be stay CEO (at least for the next year or so) and only report to CEO of Microsoft, so I don't think Microsoft will really change anything Skype is already doing unless Skype's CEO wants to change things himself.

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