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Micronutrient help

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by texasaggie, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. I've been growing for a while in soil indoors and decided to move to hydroponics. I have constructed the system and now all I need is the nutrients. I was at home depot and bought some liquid fertilizer stuff, you're supposed to put it in with water for plants but I figured it might work for this. It's called Shultz Plant Food Plus (10-15-10). On the side it says it also has phosphate, potash, iron, manganese, and zinc. I know that isn't everything required, but what am I missing and is there any way to add it without ordering fertilizers online? Wouldn't tap water contain trace elements also? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I realize I will probably just have to order cannabis-specific nutrients online. If so, what would you guys suggest?
  2. Online works. Since you're an aggie I assume your out in the boondocks somewhere in east texas? No hydro stores there I suppose. There are a few cannabis specific nutrients: advanced nutrients, house and garden nutrients, canna nutrients and much more I'm sure. You should research those brands and figure out which one is best for you and your budget. I wouldn't trust that home depot stuff, and if you do use it I'd highly dilute your mixture.
    How big is your res going to be? Ebbnflow? dwc?
  3. I am using a dwc system. The reservoir is about 8 gallons and I plan to have two plants in it. And ya, there aren't any hydro stores here. I was glad to get it all set up and growing but I guess I'll have to wait a few days and order in some real nutrients. I was also wondering about lighting. I have six 17 watt fluorescent cool whites mounted on a platform that moves up and down in a closet. What would be a maximum number of plants that you would suggest for this?
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    that would be fine for the first couple weeks of veg, but if you're going to have a full grow and use 8 gallons of nutes you need better lighting. I think you need to do some reading more than anything. Read through everything that looks relevant on this website:Hydroponics Gardening - Start a Small Garden Indoors- Helpful Guide
  5. The only "cheap" nutrient I would use to grow something I valued would be Jack's "Classic". That has micronutrients. Pretty much everything else assumes you're going to get all the micronutrients your plants need from the soil.

    If you aren't sure of a nute I'd say to try growing a good tomato plant on it. If you can get a good tomato plant with some nice, big, and tasty 'maters it probably would be okay for mary jane.

    That said, I really would recommend getting some Advanced Nutrients. That's what I use and imho there just is no substitute for a mj-specific nutrient like AN.

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