Micronized Greensand

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by lindsayhaak, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. Hi, does anyone know where I can find micronized Greensand? I want it to react a bit faster with the soil. I’m not very happy with conventional coarse/sandy Greensand.
  2. You can micronize the material yourself. A small metal saucepan works well to ho!d onto and contain the material. A hammer with the head held in your hand works pretty good as a pestle. Use your imagination and just pound it and grind it a few tbsps at a time and it's real easy. I do this all the time with any of my granular amendments.

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  3. LOL! That should be my next purchase from Planet Natural. Good people to do business with, got stuff from them for years.

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  4. 44lb? lol how much soil are you making?
  5. Not that much, for sure. BUT...I tend to think long term, plus;
    Locally, the 7.5# bags of Espoma Greensand have risen to a bit over $23 from $9.50 a few years ago.
    It's been ~5 years since I've added any to the raised beds
    3 years+ for most of the no tills since the initial mixing
    The worm bins.

    No super big hurry, I'm on Planet Natural's mailing list, so when they do a reduced shipping deal I'll snag it. LOL, at my age this could be a lifetime supply.
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