Microgrow Supplemental T5 Vertical Hung Lighting With 21Xpro

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  1. I have seen the Hydrogrow 21X Pro as a main light source (for a single plant in a 34" height x 14" deep x 24" wide micro grow cab) but curious on what people think of adding vertical mounted 2' length T5s on 4 sides.  Seems like the 21X is a great little rig but the sides and lower bud sites might need more light. 
    Anyone done anything like this?

  2. still mulling this one over.   A couple things I have considered are the following
    (4) 2 foot T5s mounted vertical in each corner
    Those flat aerogarden cfl bulbs with the little plug in socket
    a better (bigger) LED fixture
    2 cfl bulbs mounted in flex arm socket fixtures next to the existing LED 21X
    other options?
  3. sorta' like a "tron-box"...lol....(phototron)......i've got a small veg cab that has a ho t5 setup vert style with some additional cfl's for up top....seems to work just fine for me.... :hello:

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  5. i'm sub'd fer sure ....gotta love those micro-grows :metal:
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  7. From what I have seen, the 21X gives some pretty good results, so whatever is added it will just be the frosting on an already pretty darn good cake.  The easiest way to add some supplemental light in this small cabinet seems like it will be 3 or 4 vertical T5s (24").  With all the new LED household bulbs available, there might be some possibilities with a couple of added LEDs as well.  But I am thinking the T5s will be the way to go if I want to get more light in to the lower nodes the easiest way. 
    Anyone know the best bulb for the T5s to use (brand/spectrum)?   I guess a combo of 2 veg and 2 flowering spectrum would work...or just use all 4 bulbs only for flowering cycle.  any thoughts on what to do here? 
  8. I am procrastinating in purchasing Product Number: GL-GB-2F1L-T5 from HTG. What I like about it is you can select different bulbs at the point of purchase. Right now my micro cab is in flowering so no need for a veg light, which they and others sell.


    ... GL- GB- 2F1L- T5
  9. Hey, one other thing. I saw a used 21x led on eBay while checking this out. Thought you might be interested .
  10. ushio makes a good t5 ho bulbs....comes in different color spectrum .....and i personally just purchased all new bulbs all ushio 26 watt 4 2700k and 4 6500k 24 inch.....and 4 more 6500k 26 watt 24 inch for another t5 ......and I'm actually running the 8 bulb 2 footer in a vertical hung hung position in addition to 126 watts of cfl.....

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  11. PhillyPhill with the perfect babies always  :eek:
  12. Whut' up jsb'.....thanks man....keep'em nice to the best of my ability......how's it growing your way....?:unsure:

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    Im doing good over here since my I failed on my last harvest. I have 2 girl growing growing for about a month now. How do you post pictures again?
    White Widow in the 5 gallon been vegging since Mid 18/6 march going to flower within the week.
    Bagseed in little pot been vegging since End of March 18/6
    After I put these babies into flower im going to flower my Cheese and Kosher Tangie

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  14. looking good bruh'.....keep up the good work.....

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  15. Thank you, Thank you, Ill keep you posted and ill be looking at your success 
  16. You know where to find meh' when or if you ever need help .....btw... getting ready to update my thread.....new pics :D

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  17. wait wait... did i get this right ? the 21x pro light OP mentioned is a 36W led grow light which costs 250$ ??????????? holy crap thats so over priced.
    Get a different pannel or better yet make your own. I would def go with supplemental lighting from the sides, be it t5 tubes or more leds.
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    way over priced......t5's are the way to go....leds are still pricey especially the 300 watt tri-band new cost me almost 500 buckies.....but heat is my primary concern so to me its a small price to pay.....

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