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    I'm in the middle of planning out my next grow, a Micro SOG. I am using DrBud's for inspiration, but just kind of smaller scale.

    I'm going to have a Blue Mystic mother which I will take clones off of. What I would like to do is root the clones, then flower them.

    With everything up and running, I would like to harvest 2 plants ever 3 weeks ( 6 total plants).

    I am curious if anyone has had any luck with flowering clones in 2 gallon buckets under five (5) 42 watt 2700k CFLs. As part of my last grow I grew a 3 gram nug in a solo cup (didn't want to throw away a perfectly good lady!), so I am wondering if I am being overly confident in expecting AT LEAST 7 grams a plant ( 7 grams a plant, 2 plants harvested every three weeks, so at least 14 grams every 3 weeks).

    I was even considering doing some LST during flowering so I could get the lights super close, to help out with bud production as much as possible.

    Any help is always appreciated, thanks!
  2. I think i'm going to do my clones in 2 liter pop bottles instead of the 2 gallon. more space so maybe I could do 9 plants instead of six, and i read that 10g per plant is pretty standard for a cfl sog. so that's like 3 plants every 3 weeks at 10 grams a plant, about a zip every 3 weeks, not bad for personal, ay?

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