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  1. Hey folks. Been lurking for a while now; thought I would share my first try at a scrog grow.

    2' x 3' x 6' enclosure, mylar-lined. Intake/exhaust micro fans. Hydroton, ebb/flow. AN 3-part, bud blood, carboload, big bud, overdrive & final phase.

    2 150W hps lights mounted in mylar-lined reflector, ballasts externally built into an old computer case, and supplemental T5 and CGL lighting.

    Strain is Larry OG, vegged from clone for 6 weeks. Topped a few times.

    We're now into week 5 of flowering. Been trimming from the bottom up pretty much daily...just a small-to-moderate amount each time. This plant has grown beautifully for the scrog setup. Can't claim complete credit for that; it really just took off on its own. Had to train a few growing tips, but nothing really too difficult. I'm really pleased with the results so far!

    I'm thinking another 30 days or so until harvest; hoping all those buds swell up real nice.

    Thanks for viewing!

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  2. That's a nice example of how sog should be done :)
  3. This is great. Looks like some kind of beautiful bonsai, well done. Hoping to upgrade from a PC case soon, and this is exactly the kind of set-up I want. Got any tips for a newbie on how to keep the canopy quite even?
  4. that is so many freakin branches off of one main stem lol
  5. Thanks!

    As for tips: this is my first successful scrog grow. I tried one last year which didn't do so well and had to be discarded; I used two plants on that one, and didn't really pay much attention to trimming. It was just an overgrown crowded mess. This time around I made the decision to abandon any fear of trimming and just went to town. A little bit each day, from the bottom up. I think that has played a big part in the good results I'm seeing today.

    As for maintaining an even canopy: the main growing tips were trained to left and right of center; the resulting light penetration caused some explosive new growth off the main stems which simply grew straight up to fill in the center area of the screen. Again, I think trimming played a major role in this process, as the new growth had ample space and light access to really take off.

    I've attached a few more pics of my setup. The ballasts are in the black computer case on top of the enclosure. The pink machine on top is my daughter's karaoke machine, for those times when I feel like serenading my Larry OG.

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  6. That's cool just don't serenade us or I'll be at the mods to get ya banned ;)
  7. Nicely done. Your plant is looking sexy
  8. now thats wht i call a scrog nice done REP 4 U :D
  9. Really diggin the grow man, watched a couple Larry OG grows and ima be watching this one too
  10. Nice work!
  11. First off nice grow!

    No carbon filtering? Or doypu filter the exhaust from your "micro" fans?

    I myself am planning a dresser grow but have yet to figure out if I can squeeze a carbon filter and fan inside.
  12. [quote name='"BTraven"']First off nice grow!

    No carbon filtering? Or doypu filter the exhaust from your "micro" fans?

    I myself am planning a dresser grow but have yet to figure out if I can squeeze a carbon filter and fan inside.[/quote]

    120mm fans 100+cfm frys.com bgears 120mm fans are good
    some 4" flanges
    4" ducting some
    hot glue gun
    some hose clamps a
    4" drill Bit
    And for the filter google ez DIY Walmart zen carbon filter

    This is what I'm doing and I'm even runnin a cool tube for a 150w
  13. WOW! That is a beautiful sight, so many branches to form a nice canopy. Awesome Job!
  14. OK...into week 6 of flowering. Buds are fattening up, and fan leaves are starting to dry up and die. Surprised there is very little smell so far, which I suppose is a good thing from a clandestine perspective. I've never had the need for carbon filtering...I guess I've been somewhat lucky with the strains I've grown.

    I've pretty much stopped any trimming at this juncture, though I will pluck sickly-looking fan leaves when I find them about to fall off. I'm getting quite a bit of air blown up through the canopy from the two fans below which I think is providing a nice micro-climate at the top of the canopy.

    I'm currently fermenting a couple of carboys of homebrew inside the house. I think next time I grow and brew at the same time I'll jimmyrig the carboys to expel the CO2 into the growcab.

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  15. A few more pics...

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  16. Nice work son I'm lookin forward to harvest
  17. Sweet SCROG dude! I've got a 3x2 tent with a 400w HPS, SCROG pretty much like the width of yours.. On my 5th week.. For your next one you should consider clearing everything beneath the screen between weeks 1-3 of flowering right when the stretch is stopping.. Looks awesome though!
  18. OK...we're flushing today with Final Phase, then straight distilled h2o for the rest of the week. Tricomes are mostly cloudly, with some amber heads on the outer leaves. Planning on harvesting in about 7 days or so.

    A lot of the buds have started to lean or bow down due to their weight. Still not a whole lot of smell. I have to say this strain has been a pleasure to grow. Not sure how I'm going to wait another week!

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  19. Damn son
  20. so how many watts you got total.........

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