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  1. It's been awhile since posted anything been doing dwc c99 gg#4 Sugar black rose all under led with good results so am gona try micro pot manifold now under 600w hps for a change. Doing blackberry kush auto for something different. Nothing to see yet I've got 6 small pots with 1" seedlings in coco comp 1 litre pots and feeding 2 x day water and nutes. Am looking foward to splitting them once there at least 2 nodes.
  2. So I started a bunch of bb kush in 1Lt pots wanting to manifold but ended up letting them go and just trimmed. Got 25gr of each one nice creeping stone I'm gona get my act together and have another crack at it my holy grail, dwc manifold style ww/big bud under 600w hid at up to 1.2m above to start it of then swap that out for my bloombeast A900 to keep the box cooler and plant with tighter nodes.
  3. My time in the 1 liter air-pot was excruciating. I ended up transplanting all to one gallon bags. I would prefer dwc, but no good way to keep reservoir cool. i run the one gallon bags with straight perlite and have never had a plant wilt. My experiment in the 1 liter was a single cola attempt, not realizing single cola grows are usually clones. 4000k qb solved the tight node issue. Anyway, if they compete on gram per gallon of medium, we win. Not sure how to get micro. I top everything at it's next node and end up with little giants. 2x2 in a one gallon, if I tied flat it would be 4x2.
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  4. Yeah it's a crap shoot when I try new things 2 yeah I agree totally a winter thing dwc for me yep 1 Lt pots is a pain drying out media was a big prob I tried a short strain known for single cola but totally agree clones are the way to go thanks for your insight takes a village cheers
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