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Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Patchy, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. So, i'm sure many people here live in (wether its theirs or their parents) large houses. 3/4 bedrooms, mabye 2 bathrooms, large lounges filled with ornaments, pictures, books, uneeded things. Now, i've never been one to surround my self with un-needed cmmodities. I have always dreamed of living a simple life in a small home, not a McMansion hich is half filled with unneeded, unused commodities. My question is, has (or does) anyone here thought of living/live in a micro-home or small, natural house (cob, straw bale etc)? If you don't know what they are:

    Kanaal van kirstendirksen - YouTube
    Kanaal van kirstendirksen - YouTube
  2. I dont want to live in that small of a house and I do enjoy some amenities but I would like a smallish log cabin out in the woods. I still want a bedroom or two and a bathroom with working plumbing but I could get into the solar power thing and obviously a well since I would be in hte woods.

  3. Yeah man, those two videos were of VERY small houses. But a log cabin out in the wildeness, away from any traffic, noisy shops or anything would be great. Just taking in nature, peaceful.
  4. I've never really desired a lot of living space either. Honestly, living with less and having less allows you to clearly see the things that mean the most to you in the end. I'd rather live by moment and experience than by souvenir.

    My dream is to live in the woods in my own small space. Maybe only 300 ft^2 max in dimensions. As long as I have plenty of space to roam about I really only would require a shelter to sleep under and cook.

  5. Yeah manm we've been told to believe that material welath = happiness, but people need to get it through their skulls that it's just a crutch for how unhappy most people today are!

  6. Fosho. My dream house is a log cabin. I think it'd be cool, maybe have a loft upstairs. Hitting the bong looking down at the fireplace that's keeping your house warm throughout the winter.
    One can only dream.
  7. I enjoy smaller living spaces, but large workspaces. In fact, my idea home would probably have as much or more workshop space than living space.

    I don't need much more than a smallish bedroom, bathroom with shower, kitchen and small eating space, and some other bit of space. But I want a big workshop to work with machine tools, on bikes, and on cars if I have one. One can't argue its frivolous space if productive work goes on in there. And its just something I have passion for, so it's certainly going to be a part of my ideal place.

    However having a cabin near a ski area or MTB trails area/bike park would be a dream for me. It sounds so awesome.

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