Micro homemade budget tent grow.

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  1. Hello everyone experimenting with budget homemade equipment. Buying new as I go of course. But anyways im experimenting with Scrog, L.S.T., topping, and fimming. Here are my results before and after 2 week period. Am I doing alright and what is a good light temp for flowering. During veg. I am running 150 watt L.E.D 4ft. 3800lumen 6000kelvin daylight., a 100 watt Led angled Par38 5000k and an alright sized daytime cfl. I would love to use cfl. For flowering so I can use my LED for veg. But anyways sorry im rambling im stoned with my head in a tent talking to siri. All recomendations are greatly appreciated and will put to use.

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