Micro growing in a pc case

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  1. Okay i have spent some time on google and results are confusing and since grasscity is my fav fourm ill see what you guys can do.

    I wish to grow some weed within a pc as many of you have done here

    But i lack any know how on the subject

    So what needs to be done to the case?
    Can i use the fans already in the case to keep it cool somehow?
    How to germinize the seeds?
    Basicly i wanna start from the begining to the end pc case micro growing tutorial

    And i know its a lot to ask for man but think about the people it will help in the long run
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    Alright im gonna try and turn this into kind of a idiots guide just from what im learning
    Feel free to correct me at anytime

    Hollowing out your pc isnt hard anyone can do that part

    Line the insides with shiny stuff that you get off a cars winsheild protector

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSYKArb72nA]YouTube - Hack your AC adapter[/ame]
    Theres how you can power the fan

    Run a power strip/Power board (as we call it here) into the pc case get some pretty strong magnets and attach them to the bottem of the power strip.
    Now you power strip is adjustable
    Grab some cfl (compact flurescent lamp if im correct)
    Which isnt a problem in Australia as you have to go out of your way to get a bulb that isnt cfl

    Get some adapters that let you plug the cfl's directly into a power strip (i dont know what these are called i need some input on that)

    Hook up about 1-3 cfl's to the power strip
  3. Im gonna need feedback on the facts so far
  4. Check out my grow in my sig :)

    And take a look at the Yeti's grow as well
  5. Dude im way ahead of you i looked at yours and yeti's just before
    Your doing a MAAAAD job
    Im jelous of your grow dude
    Oh btw i was meaning to ask you where you picked up the sockets for the cfl
  6. Walmart is the go to place. Otherwise your local hardware store would have it.

    Grab some mylar sheets while you are at it.
  7. Mylar may not be available where you live a good alternative is aluminum backed tape or car windsheild reflectors :)
  8. I have the bad luck of being aussie lol we dont have walmart but ill check bunnings lol
  9. Yeah i gonna use a windsheild reflector
    Also how big is the spike on you electricity bill? also is there a way you could rig it on like big ass batterys?
  10. With CFLs I averaged it up my grow is only 12$ more and I use 3 CFLs at 26w

    well in all actuality its probably less than that as I just got a roomate too
  11. So your saying with 3 cfl's the bill ony went up by 12 dollars?
    Thats kick ass
  12. (Watts x hours x price of electricity in kwh )/ 1000 = cost

    For example:

    600W HPS running 24 hours and government charges 10c per kWh = $1.44 per day to run that setup.

    For CFL's, it'll be much lower since they are lower wattage.
  13. You can only buy CFL's in australia
    They actully came round and changed all our lights for free
  14. I just ran an extention Molex and 3PIN Fan cable from my PC to my Grow Case.
    Super cheap.


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