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  1. I have a 25x27x18h space to grow in. It's a wide space but not very high. Airflow and scrog/lst technique are a couple of my concerns. I'll be getting 2 clones very soon so any help would be great.

    Thanks for any advice in advance

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  2. What kinda lights are you thinking about using? You really don't have room for a hid setup, so its either t5s or CFLs

    You gotta fan already? Is heat gonna be an issue? Where are you venting to? Soil, or hydro? Organics? Do you have money for bottled nutrients? Is big yield important to you? Are you worried about stealth?

    So many questions...
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    This is the only time ever I think cfl is the answer. White paint cfl a 6" fan piece a little Fox farm super soil Fox farm trio bottled dilute the feed schedule and you will be ok rookie lst and scrog are a few weeks off worry about building the room getting a digital thermometer and some good water first before you worry about how to train the plant you haven't got yet. Stay positive you can grow in any space with any light just keep your goals realistic. You won't get pounds but an OZ maybe two is a real goal for that space with some good lighting. Expect to spend $200-$300 on a good low budget grow. Soil, fans paint/mylar, air exchange, lights, digital thermometer, ph pen or ph drop kit, containers, outlet strip and most important buy a book!! Or two
    It will take at least 3-3 and half months before you will smoke from your micro grow. Good luck New grower and I have no doubt that if you research and put your heart in it you can grow some kick ass buds.
  4. You guys rock. I already got the brightest white paint I could so I'm going to use that and cfl bulbs. Just need a couple computer fans installed and I'll be ready to go.

    2 plants probably 6 cfl bulbs with 2 exhaust fans. I have a digi thermometer so I guess I'll run a heat test when I get it all put built to see if I need another exhaust fan.

    I've done my research and will continue to research as the project goes along.

    Thanks again guys. I appreciate the help. I'm pretty pumped to try this. I'll show some pics and stuff as I go along.

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  5. Tnmt what would the feed cycle be exactly?

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