Micro-Grow PROS Needed: Design Collaboration

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  1. Hello everyone at GC!

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Over the past year and a half i have been diving into my micro-grow research and this thread will be the culmination of that and the expert advise of GC's community members

    I design and cutbill custom cabinets and high end casework for a living. Basically giving me the ability to create any size/type of box i want. I've read through countless Micro-Grow threads and some of the designs members have come up with are just amazing. Imagine if you could build a box to the exact size/specs/type/plant you wanted.. no more tearing apart old furniture. We'll be building them from the ground up. SO Pull up a chair, roll one up and let those creative juices start flowing :smoke:

    what I would like to do is design a few different cabinets specific to a few types of grows (DWC, SOG, SCROG, SOIL, EBB, ETC, Experimental?). Each of these cabinets will be 100% stealth and self sustained. I will build each these prototype boxes as i feel they are ready for their first field test. I will provide you guys with real time updates of the box progress; from Construction drawings, to photorealistic renderings, the build process, and finally the cabinet in use!

    I have read hundreds and hundred of research and annotative articles. What I haven't done yet is had any real time experience growing. I would like to take my knowledge of custom cabinetry/casework and combine it with the successful knowledge of GC community members. Did you have an AMAZING yield off your DIY stealth cab? Share your designs and ill draw it up in 3d..

    • Overall Cabinet Size
    • Grow Type
    • Lighting Type
    • Grow Medium
    • Sound Prevention
    • Exhaust + Intake
    • Extra Chambers
    • Custom added parts for funcitonality

    I was going to wait until i had my first box completely designed but i figured might as well get everyone thinking!

    The first stealth cabinet i am working on is a 250w DWC Scrog. Pics will come soon :cool:

    Ok Guys heres the first cabinet i have in the works. Please critique if you see any immediate problems. I am still trying to work out my ducting and fan system. Trying to make sure i have a very quiet and reliable system.


    1. Do i have enough space in my left compartment to contain a mother plant? What i would like to do is integrate a maintenance chamber in the top left most part of the cabinet That would control both the mother and vegging clones. Take clones directly from the mother as i complete SCROG cycles and have a fully stealth and self contained grow cabinet.

    I picked up a few grow supply brochures from some local grow shops this weekend. Hoping to make the first few purchases in the near future :smoke:

    Have all sorts of new ideas after sitting on this picture for a week or so. Hoping to get some work in this week

    This picture view is is with the doors removed and top cut open.

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  3. its a nice setup man...ill look into it...check out my grow of sum narkush
  4. That's one sweet setup man! Gonna watch this unfold...:smoke:
  5. When you start making a profit on a design someone posts here, I can't wait to see the law suit and subpena's posted on tmz.
    FYI, check out the design forum, there's lots of google sketches for all in one's and other rigs in there,

  6. I can't wait to see the incredible buds i am able to grow, wherever i want, in whatever medium i want, as discreetly as i want. I appreciate your concern for my well being.. but this is merely a way for me to turn an expensive hobby into a creative and useful one

    Like I said i've read through countless grow threads. If i wanted to copy someone else design exactly and make a clone thread I would have done so.. I'm doing my research and making a thread about my progress. If you don't want to follow... Then don't
  7. I won't be don't worry buck-o.
    THAT, right there screams business plan. Get their attention, lure their eyes with fancy designs and then hit them with an inflated price tag when they want one most.
    For profit, ie. I'm a master builder, I'm gonna build any and every design your stoner heart could conjure up. Are you generously gonna offer up the autocad designs for others to use as fair use? Or are you gonna potentially turn around and pop open a website selling the same builds you were here asking for people to post towards your goal?
    You wouldn't be the first or last entrepreneur that's done so here. Where do you think some of these all in wonder pc cases you can buy online, where did some of the basics of those designs come from? Spots like GC and people like us.

    BTW I'm not knocking your work, or the quality of it. I've never seen your work and have little doubt you are a master fabricator, you probably do quality work, but the way you presented yourself, with a new account screams make money money! make money MONEY!!!

    Good luck with your future endeavor, my posts were and aren't a personal attack on you and I don't think they've come off that way.
  8. Hey man, I just saw this thread.... + rep for the awesome cabinet plan! I'm subbed! :)
  9. Hey I like the idea. I'm growing some bagseed in a CFL pc box. Running the lights 24/0 with a cooling fan. Also using soil and just topped after some LST. Check it out!

  10. Eh.. I guess I can see where you are coming from. Reading back through the post it does sound a bit like a salesman. I think in my high excitement with my first post i did a terrible job explaining what i am aiming to do. Sorry for snapping back so quickly dyno.

    I am in no way a master craftsman.. This will be both my first build, as well as my first grow.

    This thread is to track the progress of my growvironments and address problems i have along the way.

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