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  1. I'm planning on starting up an indoor micro-grow later this year.
    It'll be my first grow and I just want to grow a couple plants at a time.
    I'm planning on growing some diesel ryder as it seems like a well-suited strain for a microgrow, and I also am a fan of diesel in general.
    Thinking of getting this box.
    Even though it is a bit pricey, it is very convenient. If I'm lucky I might be able to make back startup costs or at least most of the startup cost with the first harvest, assuming about 2 ounces yield per plant.

    I've done a fair amount of research already but as it will be my first grow, I will probably need a good amount of guidance along the way. Right now I'm just in the planning phase, as I won't be moving into my new place until late August or early September to start my grow. I plan on having smokeable bud before the holidays.
  2. If your willing to pay that much. You might want to consider a small tent instead. And you might not get 2 ounces off each plant due to the space restrictions of the box. I have gotten a 1.5 oz off one plant in a similar setup but I could not get 2 plants in there. Once that 12/12 kicks in space become limited. Go luck
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    I looked into a small grow tent kit. It's a lot bigger than the grow box for a bit more cost. Increases startup cost by 150 bucks or so, but also will give my plants more room to grow and yield more per harvest.
    The only thing I'm concerned with for this is if the smell is minimal if I hook up the exhaust to a carbon filter and maybe use some other odour control.

    Actually scratch that, I'm just going to get pretty much everything from amazon, I'll end up saving a lot of the startup cost. Here is the tent I am looking at.

    I need some recommendations for lights and ventilation/odour control.
  4. Try the sun system 2 250w switchable light system. I also saw a gl40 growlab. And amazon has 4 pc fan for $15. But also get a ac/dc 4 PIN molrex power adapter $20 , and a there a 3 pin connector strip that can power up to 5 pc fans and its easy to connect. Everything will run you about $250 or so but it will be worth it in the long run with a better yield. Hope this helps

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