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  1. Sup blades,

    Starting my first grow, you can click here to view my grow box configuration and lighting schemes thread.

    I'm now in the process of germination, by placing the seeds on top of the cable box in a wet paper towel inside of a baggy I got them to crack took less the 24 hours. I have already moved the seedling into a starter cup and placed into the modified PC case, covered with a baggy.

    Soil: Organic home depot ($5); soil amendments terracycle granular plant food 5-3-4 ($9), 1 dried crushed egg. (a new hydro shop is open down the street, what are some good natural nutes i should buy?)

    Water: purified spring water with soaked eggshells

    Potting: seedling pot; 3 in'' small size halved McDs cup, transplanting pot; 8 in'' in diameter 3 or 4 inches deep

    Lighting: two 26watt 6500 and one 24watt 2700 cfl, plan is 24/0 or 20/4 for first week then 18/6 the next and 12/12 to finish her off will also replace one of the 6500 with a 2700 cfl on the third week.

    Growing method: OrganicScrOG, topping, Lst, and root trimming planning to veg for only 3 or 4 weeks dont want it growing to big.

    I seem to be having major temperature issues with the 3 cfl (total of 76W=W300) 97-100 degrees in there its like a oven:(. So i removed the 24w 2700 cfl, rearranged the intake fan (old cpu fan which is my strongest and also smallest fan) to the lowest possible position in my case, raised my internal fan up to push through the lights, also added a 75mm fan to the top to pull the hot air from the lights out the front of the case directly below that is another exhaust fan(100mm fan which is pretty week) removed the fabric soften sheets from covering the fan and stuffed them in the faceplate of the case. I still seem to be getting pretty high temps 87-90 with an external temp around 60-65(Is 60 65 a good night time temp?). Im thinking about opening up a passive intake below my 2nd exhaust fan behind the face plate. I also notice the exhaust flows better with the faceplate off but unfortunately im need to keep that on.

    Any suggestions tips on lowering the internal temp in my box GC? to hot even for the spouts to grow I think i might have cooked having them in there for a whole day on a 20/4 cycle, i hope not I got 4 new seeds germinating Im going to plant all 4 this time instead of just the one so I'll have back ups.

    Has anybody had any luck seeding in Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix is this a good choice for that task, also mixed with organic terracycle PF 5-3-4 is that good?


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