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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Huskerpike, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Starting a new micro grow as soon as the refund check from school comes in, hopefully next week. As it is my first grow, I'm going to start in a PC case. Hopefully a full size instead of a mid so I can let the plant veg for a little longer and not have it hit the top of my case while flowering. I am planning on LST'ing as much as I can to maximize yield.

    Started this thread to get a few final questions answered and then to make a grow journal once I've started. I've read up quite a bit through the forums here and most of my questions have been answered. However, I couldn't find anything on the benefits of growing either a sativa or indica heavy strain in a micro grow. I like the high from most sativas more than most indicas but if indicas cope better with a confined growing space, that's what I'd like to grow first. Opinions? If it makes no difference I will probably do a bagseed grow for my first to avoid seed expenses.

    Also, what kind of carbon filters do most micro growers use/where do I look to purchase one locally? Very few grow shops around here so most if not all materials I will be using will come from big box stores (Wal-mart, Home Depot, etc.). Need to keep odors to a minimum as it will be in the closet in my room.

    Appreciate any input you might have. Can't wait to kick this off. Thanks!
  2. Good luck with your grow, dude!

    I've never grown a pure sativa but I'm pretty sure they are supposed to be MUCH taller than indicas. So that might make doing it micro kind of difficult.

    Starting with bagseed is probably a good idea. I killed off most of the seeds I bought before I got my cab's conditions right.

  3. Yea man that's pretty much what I've been reading around here about the height of sativas vs indicas. I think I should be able to LST the sativa enough to fit in the case anyway. I do like how indica77's indica grow looked before he transferred that to his flower box. Wonder if I could get that to flower in the PC case.

    Your grow is lookin good though too. I like the look of the buds on your HPS grow. Tasty purple :cool:
  4. most breeds have attributes of both indica and sativa. I guess if you got hold of a pure bred of each you would notice differences but to be honest most breeds out there don't vary much as far as growing is concerned. when growing and especially smaller grows we control everything so any breed will fall in line one way or another. grow what you like to smoke because as far as growing habits are concerned there's not much between them.

    a lot of people like to make their own carbon filters. have a look in the DIY section. they can make them to fit their size requirements. I prefer a standard One though, even in a micro grow

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