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Discussion in 'Security' started by ticklemefancy, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. im planning on starting to build a micro grow inside a speaker encloser. im going to take the speakers out and try to build some sort of carbon filter to replace where the speakers went. i had the idea to try to find some carbon filter pads and line the walls with them. if i cover the filters with mylar or something, would the filters do anything?
  2. also forgot to add that i regularly burn incense in my room, have a fairly large room with a fan running alot, a big window that i would be able to open alot
  3. are you saying you would have the fans in the holes and then carbon roll pads over the holes ? if so this would work, but leak light :/
    im not sure on the effectiveness of the pads to prevent smell, maybe
    you would be better off having fly mesh stapled and taped to the outside and inside (forming a gap in between) and then filling the gap with activated carbon granules :)
  4. I'm not sure I understand what you're asking.

    Filter walls?

    I do know that in order for a filter to work the air has to be forced to flow through it. I suggest doing the pen holder from staples wrapped in ladies hose with a couple of inches of activated carbon from walmart. It will need to be attached to a fain, preferably one that is meant to function well when pulling against a filter. On my micro I used a TD-100 which is a 100CFM fan but it blows a lot of air for such a small fan. It can handle the pull of several inches of carbon with ease. You can tell by the way it feels cold around the carbon because of the suction. It's an easy DIY project and all of the materials are available readily. Well, except for the fan which you would have to order or purchase somewhere anyway.
  5. thanks for the help guys
  6. Sorry to dig this up, but I'm about to start building a pc grow and am using pvc tubes as internal light traps(as to keep to the pc look) and was wondering if covering the ends with a few layers of that carbon filter would be enough to cover the smell from this grow? Or stuffing the tubes with rolled filter work better? Or am I totally off base here? The case I've ordered comes with two 120mm fans so I'm using them as exhaust/intake fans.
  7. Bleezy, if you are using pvc, then I would roll an inch thick piece up and put it at one end, and then fill the rest with activated carbon, then Another rolled up piece at the other end ... cover the whole thing in a pantyhose leg and you are sweet :)
  8. Do you think a pc fan will have the pull to get air thru all that?

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