micro grow= micro yield!

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by clanclan, May 7, 2011.

  1. since the grow space will be small i assume a small yield.. but what is the average to low yield in a 44x44x21cm(WidthxHeightxDepth) space?
  2. from most journals I have read through it's based mainly on the strain and how you grow it. i've seen people get less than a half-o dry between 2 plants and seen others pull in 1-1.5oz's per plant with 1-2 plants. There's one dude out there who pulled in like a qp but then claimed to get mold on 3/4 his harvest when forgetting to burp the mason jars... I say pics or lies on that though.
  3. Its all about strain and lighting. I know that my lighting is not the best for the space I have, and it will affect my yield in the end. This os my first grow, so im not too worried about this. Now if this was not my first time, id be worried that im in the wrong hobby
  4. ok thanks guys.. should be good. now to buy seeds and a fan and im in!

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