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  1. hey Sweetcannabis thx for the reply .. i have the 6500k right up against them and its cool to the touch with the plastic guard on it and the others i just cant get much closer really :p but theyre really cool running bulbs too a bit spicey to the touch so ill keep them at least 4 inches away from that.

    heres the big girl still lsting

    the second plant i topped yesterday and bam 2 new tops haha. i gotta repot this one still.

    the other one i pruned all the large leafs - well see what happens to the bush thats already growing with all that extra food going to it... no pic for now its practically a stick.

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    i pruned the big one tonight. heres a close up (she isnt much to look at without all those huge fans on her now) but for some reason cant get high res ones up yet.

    pic 2 is the one i beheaded :eek: living in the little styrocup :3 well see how that goes

    edit - hi res updated

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  3. Transplant to bigger pots asap! I bet you any amount of money those puppies are already rootbound. At least grab some 12 inchers or so considering its a "micro grow". Lookin healthy though!
  4. here's the trio freshly trimmed and a clone from plant 1 that's about a week old its starting to expand a bit now

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  5. here they are today before the trimming

    theyre about 6 weeks from seed

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  6. How big of pots are they in?
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    here they are

    sour - they are all in small containers. 3 is in a 16ish oz. syrofoam cup, 1 and 2 are in about half - 3/4 gallon bowls

    Today i switched the lights to 12/12 4200ks to start budding, they are 2 months old.

    the shoe is a size 9, that plant however is the shortest.

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  8. here plant 1, generation 2 @ 2 weeks

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  9. sweet day we have pistils on the bush (plant 3)
    heres a pic of a set theres 3 or 4 visible ones

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  10. plant 1 is also female! 2 out of 3 aint bad. (plant two did end up being DEFINITELY VERY male)

    i cloned plant 3 so hopefully it takes and i have a clone of each of these.
    clone from plant 1 is doing fine, its on 12/12 with them though so growing slowly.

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  11. hey whats up :D here some photographs. sorry they're all crazy, bad camera.

    first is plant 1,
    second is plant 3 (rip plnt2).
    clones are; bottom left and middle top from plant 1, and bottom right from plant 3.

    the big clone is the tiny one i have pics of back in the thread, the other 2 i never posted pics of.

    clones are fricken adorable

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    Wow getting pics onto computer has been annoying today, these are good pictures but the clones I'm still waiting to download. expect a good pic of them today too.

    edit - pics not uploading to site currently.

    edit edit - 2/3

    first pic is plant 3 second is plant 1

    high quality pics

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    heres the babies

    plant 2, plant 1, plant 1

    hq pic

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