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    first time

    NOTE:hyperlink leads to post for that day
    3/10-3/12 germination
    3/13 planted and home made
    3/14 sprouting, plants are over an inch tall each already and look healthy
    3/15 early day sprouts are looking above 2 inches each.. not bad for 12-15 hours of growth. they are beautiful.
    3/16 early morning heat stress dissipating
    3/18 healthy sprouts new light

    info i am going by to be clear:
    deficiency table
    light information
  2. Hey man :wave: you posted in my grow thread about you using no expense ill be watching your thread its cool we're doing the same thing

    where did you get your soil from? when you mean best soil attainable did you dig it out from your back yard? :p

    also did you use absolutely no expense on your grow setup? I'm being frugal but not quite zero cost I spent about $20 on the seeds and $30 on the grow setup so far... you should keep track lets compare costs and yield after harvest :D
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    hi kaiuyca, the soil is from a bag of pretty good soil i already had that was bought at some point. absolutely no expense is correct.
  4. LOL two lamps for lighting :D

    are you planning on going the entire grow with those lamps? That would be pretty funny

    your seedlings are growing fast! remember to keep them moist, and keep the light close!
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    day 1
    nothing special to say. heres todays pic from early in the morning. heat stress signs basically gone. next set of leaves starting to form.

    its amazing seeing a couple of MMs taller and fatter bigger leaves every time i check on them ^.^

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    day 2
    took a few nice pics today :hello:
    one has particularly red stem and one has a particularly green stem and looks like it broke at some point idk

    anyway heres some nice pics

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    day 5

    ok new light in there - got it for free but paid 7 bux for a special bulb for it that is perfect for veg stage and the bulb it comes with is good for flowering. hopefully gonna get a second soon.

    check out the hi res image ^.^

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    day 8

    those two little initial leaves started wilting a few days ago so i pinched them off last night they came off with like no force and no stunt in growth yet in fact seems to have sped up already so i think they like me for that :hello:

    well here they are now, the 2nd set of leaves shot up like nobodies business when i pulled those low ones off. also on my healthier one looks like something tore part of the leaf i have no clue what :( came home to it like that. it hasnt been standing as definitively since ... im worried about that.

    thermostat looks like its at almost 80 but its not its more like 76 when you look at it straight. humidity is like 50% in my bed room all the time so i assume its close in there. i have allergies so it
    must be that way.

    im wondering when to put them in a bigger container.

    idk why no pics want to work heres an imgshck link

    ps. current light set up is 2x 5600k CFL (6 - 10 inch away) and one 6500k 2" flourescent ( 1 inch away)
    in a couple days im gonna get another 6500k 2" one the exact same thing... so ill have the two 6500ks with the spare 3200k bulbs that im assuming will be better for flowering cux its close(closer than 6500k..) to 2700k but correct me if im wrong between now and then please someone

    the only nute these plants get is love n the good lord
  9. day 9

    first pic is 2nd biggest (wrench holding it up cuz it likes to fall down sometimes xD)
    you can see her poor leaf that got ripped really good in this one it hasnt healed at all

    second pic is biggest so far

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  10. day 12

    idk why the last one is so small compared to her sisters

    heres a pic.

    i have pics from every day to compile at the end, but im not putting them up daily just not enough growth in that time itll usually be 2 days at least and no more than 5 that ill drop a pic off

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  11. day 15
    heres lst the first day a few days ago and then this morning i turn it around to start growing out of the bare part i made

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  12. Slow growth! But relatively healthy plants. You should get more light!
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    they were in too small of containers i just got the new ones the other day thats why theyve been slow for a few days. theyve got lots more room now.

    also purposely keeping them short thats why the one lights on their side i switch them around 180 degrees every 12 hours or so to promote growing from the sides

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  14. hopefully getting that new light this weekend
    im trying to keep it as short as possible so im making as many branches nearthe bottom as i can right now

    here is a one day time lapse in pics

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  15. What's your light setup man?
  16. i have two 5700ks about a foot away and one 2foot 6500k right up to them.
  17. What's the watt?
  18. The 6500 is running on like 23 and the 5700s are 13 each
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    heres pics at almost 4 weeks old (like 24 days since sprout)

    one is healthier than the others - since i repotted it it took a few days break but now its growing TONS sideways instead of up... i switch which sides facing the light every day or so.. and still have those 5700s up there too about a foot away.a lil slow but looking very healthy. think i over watered for a short period.

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    Hey Peace Within, lookin good so far. If I'm not mistaken, with fluoro's you can get the bulb to within 1-4 inches of the tops of the plant without risking burning them, you just gotta keep an eye on them so they don't grow up into the bulb. I think that will speed your growth a lot to have the bulbs closer alone.

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