Micro Grow In Gun Safe. (first Grow)(need help)

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  1. So i posted a thread a few days ago and didnt really get what i needed so i am going to start again. This is my first grow so i went with a kinda big micro grow and turned the inside of my gun safe to a grow box. heres what i got.
    so the box is- 53in height, 13"deep, 17"wide, 21" diagnol
    outtake fan is 120mm
    intake fan is 80mm
    i have 4 26watt cfl bulbs

    I am going to be planting one plant at a time. i plan on only having auto flowering seeds but heres where i need your help. I need help with light cycles? i also need to know what temps i need to keep and what humility.I think i am going to have a bit high temps is this bad? i will be keeping the whole room cooled with fans. i also am going to put a 4" desk fan in there to cool and blow on the plant and make it strong.. Please any help you can give i have done my research but i just want to hear it from real people so thanks GC you guys rock at growing GREAT WEED!

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    these are all really simple to find answers...

    light cycles
    24 hours vegetative typically
    12/12 flowering
    temp 76 degrees
    humidity 50

    if the safe starts cool and the room its in is cool you shouldnt have a lot of heat output from the stuff running in it so it should be ok.
    also may want to make lights adjustable in height you want them like a foot away from the top of the plant or so
    also since you have a tall space you want to raise tall plants and since you want tall plants you should have room for 2 or 3 instead of 1 because they wont be able to grow outwards only upwards
  3. well im running at 90 degrees i think im gonna need more fans or some thing
  4. just throw a personal air conditioning unit in the room with it and keep the room frosty it will cool off the box.
  5. how much is one of those? and could you explain what it is or maybe give me a name of one i can look up
  6. Props on the gun safe ideA I have got to try it. I have a big ass gun safe collecting dust
  7. google "portable air conditioning unit" or just go to wal mart
  8. well the ones i looked at online we way out of price range i think i am going to work on making it more light proof and having fans and closet door open.
    i heard for autoflowering you are not supposed to change light cycle its always gotta be 24hrs?
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    i dont know i am not raising any autoflower plants so i havent spent a lot of time studying them its easy to find those answers on here and google though. as long as you have some fans running the air will be moving and cooling down you have the right idea.
    dont stress anything too much, your plant will pick up on it and stress out too cuz youre all it knows.

    when can we expect pics of plants?? im eager to see how this works out for you
  10. i am going to be germinating my seeds in about 3weeks i want to make sure and get everything worked out and get all the answers to my questions
  11. I have been running 90 degrees so what i have decided to do is put another 4in outtake fan on the other side of the grow safe. Any ideas on if this would be a bad thing??
  12. well i am getting another 120mm outtake fan today and im going to install it ill let you guys know what it does to the temps.
  13. Hey refer, I am also growing an autoflower plant. From what I've read, 20/4 is the ideal schedule for autos, and thats what I'm using right now. Seems the general concensus is atleast 18 hours of light.

    Autos will flower regardless of your light cycle 12/12, 24/0, 20/4, whatever you use it will flower.
  14. honestly youve got a sick set up just get the lights closer to the bottom forwhen the plant(s) is(are) small
  15. We just added another 120mm out take fan to the other side to try and fix the temperature problem.
    and yeah we are definitely going to be raising the plant closer to the lights and lowering it as it grows

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  16. Our temp went down to 86 degrees and humidity went to 40%
    Definitely need two out take fans in a gun safe since it's so big
    So yeah, we will be ready to plant once we get our seeds

    Anyone have any recommendations?
    We were told to just plant our seed.. no germination... what do you think about this??
  17. Me and Nanilou are in this together! i had the idea and she kinda made it come together perfect. We are both very eager to get out seeds it should be here in less than a week. if all goes well anyways. We still need help knowing how to do this the right way any help would be nice
  18. You need your temps lower, 80 degrees would be good. You need to account for the fact that when you have plants in the cabinet they'll restrict airflow, so the temps will go up a little.

    As for your lighting strategy.
    20/4 will probably be best, 24/0 will kill some strains.
    You need more than 4 26w CFLs. Look into getting some higher watt bulbs (40W or higher) and be sure to mix your light spectrum a little. Even though you're growing autos it will effect your bud production.
  19. well i heard its 100watts per plant and thats what i am doing? so your saying that i need have a mix of bulbs?
  20. the wattage really depends on the grow space, you have enough grow space to accommodate more watts.
    If not you'll end up with airy buds.

    and yep, mix up the lights if you want to get good growth.

    ^I stole that from a hydroponic website.

    They sell 40w and 125w bulbs.

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