Micro Grow Diary - Dinafem Roadrunner Auto

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  1. Hello GC members! I had started this grow journal on another site dedicated to pc micro growing... but unfortunately there isn't much feedback from that site. So I decided to try a few other forums, to share my journals.

    I'm about 5/6 weeks or so into a Roadrunner Auto grow so I thought it was probably about time to share it. Roadrunner has been a popular grow thanks to the many free seeds which have been distributed. I have grown one out before full size and was pleased with the result so decided to use my last seed as micro experiment.

    The setup is as follows...

    125w envirolite
    2 x 25 cm turbine fans with control (inlet and outlet)
    Box dimensions - 56.5 cm x 54.5 cm x 24 cm

    Substrate - my own mixture, lite mix. There is also a layer of clay pebbles in the bottom.
    Pot - 15x15x20

    Feed as per recommended schedule for lite mix

    BioBizz grow
    BioBizz bloom
    BioBizz top max
    BioBizz alg-a-mic

    At 2nd week I started some LST using basic plant wire. I grow Bonsai trees also so used my techniques from that which seemed to shape growth very nicely.

    The flowering started to appear quite early, well within the 3rd week pistols were shooting out and colas were forming.

    The final LST was done last night, I don't feel it will need much more but we shall see. I think the shape so far is optimal for the space available.

    I don't grow micro for yield... more over practice in LST and getting my soil to feed ratio spot on for bigger grows. But obviously getting the biggest yield possible is the goal in some respects...

    I really enjoy micro growing. However I also go full scale but thats for another journal some other time...

    The images show from the first stage of LST and then into the final stage of LST up to about a week ago (5 weeks). I will update this journal with the latest images by the end of this week. She's getting bigger every day :D

    Feedback welcome. Thanks.

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    OK - so just to keep you up too speed (as that post above was written a few weeks ago)... I just popped my lens inside the box and this is what we have...

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  3. looks awesome man, great looking plant for a pc case setup. nice job with the LST too.
  4. This is so similar to my grow, but I have a 150w lamp, not in a pc case and it´s not auto, but this is what I want to be seeing in my closet in a couple of moths, you´ve inspired me thanks.

    PS- I´ll start a thread when the plant is a litlle bigger ;)

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