Micro ghetto autoflower grow

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    Disclaimer: This is the saddest grow you'll see in a while. You may not want to waste your time reading any further.
    Welcome to my micro and super stealthy ghetto grow. As you can see, it's a high up cabinet space. It's probably the saddest setup you'll see in a while, but it's what I'm currently doing. I'll try to get a more suitable growing area next time.



    Seed Strain: Dutch Automatic from SpliffSeeds: http://www.spliffseeds.nl/dutch-automatic-female-cannabis-seeds.html

    Seed Started: 2014-10-18

    Seedling Appeared: 2014-10-22

    Method: Soaked seed for 12 hours. Planted into soil.

    Room temp when dark: 24.5C / 76F

    Room temp when light: 27C / 80.5F

    Medium: Garden soil with perlite at a ratio of one handful of each.

    Nutrients: Advanced Hydroponics pH Perfect G-M-B.

    Water pH: 8.3 (Nutes have brought the pH down to about 6.5).

    Light: 6400K at 25W, 2500K at 2500K (can only use one at a time because of heat problems). I also have a couple of new 14W plant CFLs.

    Container: Root Pouch (fabric pot), Width: 26cm, Height (at soil level): 14cm.
    3 weeks old:
  2. Now that's micro...
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    • It's about time I started some LST.
    • Noticed some red/purple/brown on the petioles. I looked this up and it's usually either a pheno trait or phosphorous deficiency. My nute pH is 6.5 and all the leaves look uniformly green. Perhaps I could lower it a little, but I would probably want a bit more proof that it is a deficiency first.
    • Looks like there is a couple of spikes showing at the base of the petioles. Could be early signs of gender.
    • Changed the lighting today to something warmer. Two 14W CFLs "Designed for growing plants". It will be interesting to see how well these work. Temps are up to 29C, but this shouldn't be too much of an issue I hope.
    • Noticed side shoots developing already. This is strange because the strain is meant to be a single cola. Perhaps it's sensing the environment space.
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    Week 4
    • She's starting to smell :p At week 3, it was fruity sweet, and skunky. At week 4, it smells more like fruity sweet mint.
    • Looking at the leaves, there seems to be a slight yellowing in the lamina. There is no sign of nute burn on the tips though, so I will up the nutes dose from 2ml/ltr to 4ml/ltr. I will also drop the pH a little from 6.5 to 6.
    • Full res image: https://www.anonimg.com/img/70f21d3d300fc57f546f584c13a1ea46.jpg
  5. Week 5
    • Looks like I have some nute burn on the older leaves. Will give just water next time.
    • Will put her in the new grow box very soon. The light will then be above her and she'll be able to look more normal.
    • LST has been a bit of a mess. It's all practice for next time though.
    • Full res image: https://www.anonimg.com/img/49b2716fa53372d888f7ba6ba298ccf0.jpg
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    • Moved her to the new growbox a couple of days ago -- a 55cm cube (I know it's still small, but I'm getting there). 
    • It's right next to an extractor fan on 24/7, so there is decent air flow and no smell :ph34r:
    • Added another CFL.-- 2500K @20W
    • Temps are now 27C/23C
    • Had a touch of nute burn, so I watered with just pH'd water.
    • Calculated my container to be 7 litres, so am watering 1.5 litres when good and dry.
    Will post a pic of her in the new digs on week 6 ;)
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    Week 6
    • From the pics, I'm thinking it's a girl, (Edit: Just realised they are Stipules) but at 6 weeks I thought she would have been well into flowering.
    • Fed her 1.5 litres of just pH'd water today. I'll look for some sign of deficiency before putting her back on the nutes.
    • Full res: https://www.anonimg.com/img/9c69ac701438786203f8be2038689ed3.jpg
  8. Bro, we all gotta start somewhere. I started with a micro grow.
    It's all about the end product, not how you get it!
  9. Running out of vertical space!
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  11. Week 8
  12. 8.5 weeks
    I've been wondering about the flowering thing. I think this should have started by in its 3rd week. I'm going to switch to 12/12 and see if that triggers anything (starting from today).
  13. That's the same pots I use bro.
    How you finding them?
    If its an Auto, it should flower when she wants to. Mine started flowering during 24/0 so not sure if changing lights does anything  :unsure:
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    The pots are great. I've been using them for chillies for years and I wouldn't use anything else.
    I'm trying the 12/12 thing after researching the same issue. It seems a good number of those growers that have tried it have suddenly got lucky. I hope I have the same fortune.
    We call certain strains autos, but they still have a lot of non auto genetics in them. I'm not saying this is the problem, but I think it can't be ruled out entirely.
  15. Good luck bro, hope she starts to auto soon
  16. You've reached the end of the journal :( My wife busted me today and destroyed the plant. I'm not in too much trouble, but I know I'll have my every move scrutinised from now on, so no further indoor attempts I guess (I stress indoor :p).
    If you have been following along and were disappointed not to see the end result, I'm really sorry, but that's the way the keif crumbles.
  17. NO WAY BRO!
    That sucks balls dude

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