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  1. i really wanna build a micro garden under by bed but im just waiting for the right time, and for the right stuff. (i dont know how im guna put a 200w HPS light under my bed but im sure it can be done.) anyways i want to know can the seeds from the ordinary weed i buy can be used to regrow or ar they no good. and what kind of soil should i use? thanxc for the replies,
  2. do u have a bunk bed? how high is it off the floor, have u thought of fluros? less of a fire risk than a hps. have u thought of hydro? u cud save a lot of hight with that but the running water sound mite cause a few embarising mornings, hmmm maby that hPs under the bed is a bad idea.
  3. personally i would think that underneath your bed wouldnt be a very good place because of lack of height and it gets fairly humid underneath there...or maybe thats just my bed?

    and yes...the seeds that you get from your bags of weed will work (im using one right now). it was very rare that i came across a seed in my normal 1/2.....but for once...it was a good thing!

    -Sonik- i too am a first time grower...so you can either take my advice or not... i would ask around on other forums about the bed thing.....but i dont think its a good idea. closets are A.O.K! And btw-im using miracle grow soil from kmart that i got for really cheap...and its working...so im thinkin that good soil shouldnt necessarily be expensive.


    Ps- PM me and i can give you my grow setup
  4. ok so maybe the garden under the bed is a bad idea but i really dont have any other spots around the house, maybe, the garage, but thats way to humid (i live in florida). hrmm lemme think i guess i'll try and start one in the closet. but i dont really know. im guna start one sumwhere. and i got sum, purple power, and silver haze, seeds im guna start with those, and then. we'll see how we do. thx for the advice
  5. orrrrrrrrr...i could just save you a whole lot of time and effort!! You wanna know how??!?! Send me the seeds!

    Ok......not really (unless that was a yes)

  6. Those strains a very bad starting strains, they take lots of skill to grow, not to mention nice lighting.
    Also, try to stay away from Miracle Grow firex, it has a bunch of salts in it..which can build up and be bad for your plant..
  7. How high is your bed off the ground? I wouldnt ude a 200w its just too big mabey a bunnch of 70 watters would do better but flooros are your best bet. Get 8 T8 2' tubes because they are anly 1" diameter rated at 18W, if you are short on elevation. Then for teh mom box get 2 cool 19w CFs. Make the whole box 2'x2'x(height under bed). Make the flower chamber 2'x1'6" and have a 6"x2;' box divided in half so there is a 6"x1' area for the clone mom and a 6"x1' area for the ventilation/carbon filter/ ballast/ wiring. Here i just drew a sktech of the layout. those strains are bad for micro growing if i have my strains correct they are sativa dominant. Good strains would be NL, big bud, bubblegum, or any other indica dominant strain.
  8. the sketch,

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  9. ok but grower i really dont get the sketch, but yea most of my seeds are sativa dominant, but i'll try and get sum indica. ok...so my bed, its about...a foot and a quarter or two feet off the ground. so a guess a 70w bulb will be fine but i should line the bottom of my bed with somthing. but i dont know what...this may be a little difficult but in the end it will probably come out nice.
  10. i must have missed why. why?
  11. The skecth is an above view the long rectanges are floros. The wall on the left is a wall seperating the veg room from the flower room. You dont have enough elevation for hps under there if its only about a foot and a quarter. Hps must be about 7" from the tops. Minimmal requirments is 4" of soil then at least 8" for the plant (with extensive training) then 1" for the floro tubes. Take a ruler and measure how much room you have under there and i can tell you how its done ;) You might be able to fit a HPS if you have near 2'
  12. bagseed can acually produce some of the best plants you'll ever grow, as long as the weed you got it from was nice;)

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