MIcro CFL Lowryder Purple Jem grow. Start to finish.

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by GuyWatkins1, May 2, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, growing a small harvest this year here outdoor in the UK, wales. Should be nice and successful if the weather carries on like this off to a good early start for early months.
    Anyway like the title says I growing a small autoflowering lowruder purple jem (I think originally called Mossy's jem) in my cupboard. It's just for a bit of fun, before my outdoor crop finishes. I have started already on CFL's and am on day 12 now.
    I'm doing a grow with 2 24 watt CFl warm white, with a 18w flourescent tube light over it aswell.
    I plan on adding a larger 60 Watt cfl bulb later aswell.
    This is more of a novelty hobby grow, just to see what a autoflowerer can do with limited conditions like light intensity, and will see what the overall little yeiled is.
    should be fun, pics will follow.
    I may decide to do some novelty LST'ing to later if I think it will help.
  2. Any comments or tips welcomed, dicuss and argue, a thread to be followed and marginally hijacked for autoflower discussion.
    :hello: :wave:
  3. Im gonna be watching this want to personal try the purple jem strand myself. The plant looks like a midget thats gonna have a big growth spurt but very healthy to say the least. Just 2 quick questions 1. how far away you keeping your lights? 2. you going to top or fim this?
  4. To post pics from photo bucket just copy and paste the IMG code.

    Looks like a good plant man. Subbed
  5. The lights a very close I'd say within an inch.
    It's grown alot more each day will update in another day or so.
  6. I was planning on fimmming it to keep it foccussing the energy into it's budding, but I am not sure about topping, I've heard that if you top small autoflowers they don't recover fast enough and it effets the already low yield?
    Anyway I'm pleased as I looked at the underside of the plant and the leaves are deep purple on the bottom, and in general leafing out quite nicely now for such a small plant. Willl get my cam now pics in about 20 minutes bare with me :)
  7. BUMP*

    Picture update :)

    pictures taken about an hour ago

    bushing out nicely, appears that I have the "dwarf lowryder pheno" going on here, so gingers crossed I'll get a few nice tasty purple bowls from her yet.
  8. Also note. I repooted her into a larger pot so she doesn't get too root bound.
  9. Nice looking plants. intersted to see howuget on in wales.
  10. nice nice, i cant wait to see the flowering :) (sub'd for the ride) and hey, check my autoflower, at day 37
  11. Looks like a healthy plant man. I was wondering what kind of soil you are using throughout the grow?
  12. It's nothing fancy, just some organic compost soil for the local garden center, with these types of plants they aren't to nute and fert sensitive you should be able to get bud unless you do something stupid. :D
    I mean I'm pretty much growing it under a few desk lamps :smoke:
  13. The plant itselft is about 6 inches tall, but I LST'd it a bit and also topped her a week or two back.
  14. Been a while since an update, will get some pics up for you in the morning. Finally started to show pistils. I had to force flower her but I'm not to fussed about the delay, she's now completely recovered from the topping and pruning of all her fan leaves just in time. Roll on the purp please :p

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