Micro bongs?

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  1. Hey bladez, in need of some assistance.
    Any idea what the micro's are in the glass industry?
    What makes them different then a regular bubbler peice?

    appreciate it guys
  2. Micros are normally mini bongs but since Toro came out with the Micros Circ and Micro Inline they seem to be mainly a Wide Can bottom with a small neck or bent neck tube...most micros are between 10"-13" tall

    now you see every company coming out with a "micro" inline or "micro circ"...for Example, Syn has them, Black leaf has them, Toro has them...SG even has minis but they are called mini's not Micro's
  3. ^What he said.

    Mostly used for concentrate; haven't met too many people with Micro/Macro or Mini that use them for flower. Tend to get dirty easy and can be hard to clean depending on the diffuse (could always stick a Carbon Filter or A/C on, it's what I do on my 7/13). I'm just not sure how well it would work in cooperation with a Micro.

  4. I see more people using them for concentrates, but they are still great for flowers. It just hits a bit more like a bubbler...not as big a big a rip at the end. Often there will be very highly diffused bubblers that are really better for flowers than concentrates just because of how much diffusion it is.
  5. Toro has a bunch of micros. Showerhead, circs, trees, fixed arm trees, double percs, i even saw a triple showerhead micro. Crazy shit.
  6. Oh and black leaf just came out with an expensive micro.

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