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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by PintyHet, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. I've taken on a project that combines my lack of space need for stealth and being very bored. i've taken an old speaker box(old school but blown) 15.5 in wide and 28.5 high. i hollowed out all the speakers and electronics inside. from here i think im going to cover the inside with black airtight plastic and have an inbound and outbond fan. i'm going to cut the top off and hinge it so i can put the plant in there and water ect(also save me the trouble of cutting out the back of teh box). I know i can only fit one plant in there if that much but thats fine with me i dont need a room full, that would make life a bit more complicated(this could also be great for dorms or small apartments). i only need to figure out 2 more things before i start the finishing work 1. do you guys think this is enough space and 2 what would you suggest i do with the bottom? ima have a potted plant wiht a little hole and was thinking about just using one of those plastic things.

    since this is in the experimental stages i'm using a batch of seeds i got in my shwag..no idea what strand dont care all that much. i've started them in a container about the size of this things base and have them in a little green house i built in the attic..its about 70 here for now but i'll have to move them somewhere in about 2 weeks. i plan to let them stay in this container untill i see which are the strongest..then try to turn a few female..then toss out the ones that end up male..if i have to i'll use the 2nd speaker and build another grow thing

    Random question!! is there a way to make a plant end up female? something i can do to convince the little fellas?

    below are a listing of problems i've run into and how i got past them

    1. old speaker boxes are built to well. Lost a screwdriver(DO NOT TRY TO PRYE THIS STUFF OFF without a CROWBAR) find a HEAVY duty screw driver or crow bar and be sure to try and pop the screws(if you dont do this part tactfully your going to get hurt heh).

    2.old speakers dont use plastic..they use some odd kind of rubo plastic..i tried just popping the staples and prying it loose to no avail..i finally got out meh trusty micro torch(i set the rubogoo aflame and let it burn untill it was getting out of hand then smashed it with a hammer to break through untill it was all gone(for the love of god DO NOT BREATH THE SMOKE! i dunno what that shit is but damn). Also the shit becomes like tar and stains stuff and wont come off your hands without some fuss.(use a filing cabinet or something if you have one)


    1.Nasty sick fumes all over the place..used a mask but still feel like shit

    2. broke a screwdriver off into my arm..i never go to hospitals so i'll just have one huge ass scar.

    i'll continue to document this the whole way through if i can..if this works its a kick ass idea for people that cant allocate space for growing a plant or two. perhaps cover with a tarp and put outside under a deck. Going to test this later.

    Please offer any advise you might have to help me along with this as its the 1st time i've ever grown..and the first time i've built one of these things..your thoughts and prayers are always welcome =)
  2. eh also at what stage will my plant need ferts and what kinda stuff should i give it?
  3. after 3 days of hard work i've completed my creation! i can fit two plants if i wanted. when its on the fans make a little bit of noise but if placed in a room with a pc it wouldnt be noticed..took some clear landscaping plastic and painted it thick white then black and duct taped it to the speaker cover..only light that peeps out is through the lid now but its minimal. coverd the inside with the same plastic so the wood doest warp and moisture is held a bit. I made this entire thing out of spare parts i could muster from around the house.. for the light i have a fish tank fluro that i cut down to just the pos and neg ends and duct taped it near the roof diaganoly. dont have money for a new bulb yet so i'm using the one that i had in my old tank that made all the plants in the tank grow like mad.for the exaust fan i burnt a hole in a firsby and stuck a snuggles dryer cloth thing in it,smells like butterflies in there now XD.I left the big speaker hole in the front open(still coverd by the black plastic though) and hinged the top of the box so i could manange the plants. have a test specimin in there now. *cheers for the systems maiden voyage*.

    i've placed it in a closet for now.. i have the door open to the closet and mom keeps walking past it..she cant tell its there XD. this is by far the coolest thing i've ever seen done.

    Notes on building
    1. buzz saws suck to use if you've never touched a power tool before. Plan out your cuts and make sure you get the hang of it before you start cutting away
    2. realy powerfull drills suck to use if your not used to them
    3.spray primer is nasty to inhale

    I highly recomend building something like this if your low on budget and happen to have some junk around(and a lot of resourcefullness). nothing like having your kitten purr away right in front of everyone and no one knowing its there.

    I'll update one last time later with pics of the speaker and the mj that grows in it.
  4. Ohh sounds really nice, i cant wait to see the pics, hmm sound to me alot like the project im doing now, just on a smaller scale hehe, for me to the main issue is stealth, im just lucky i have a 5 foot deep closet and no one seems to renember that lol. anyways post the pics i cant wait to see someone else creation.
  5. l,am sure he,s gonna have some imput here .This is what he loves ,lol.
  6. i think my calling is to be an engineer or something i LOVE this stuff
  7. how deep is the box? 15" wide but how deep? soil is all you'll really be able to use if your only gonna have the to hinges, and you wont rreally be able to train a scrog, so i'd say that if you dont put a door on the back, your yeild is gonna be pretty low (like less than an oz, maybe like 1/2 oz.

    my $0.15
  8. 28.5 high/deep hehe..i'm not at all sure what i'm doing yet actually =) i think this time i'll just let them grow and see what happens and next time i'll try to set if up for the sog and such...i'm sticking two plants in there for now(nother one came up cant just let it die). I dont actually have the growing part all thought out. i'ma electrical type mastermind but not to good at plants..going to take a class this fall i hope but these should be havested by then(if they live heh). once again any advice would be helpfull =). also since this is my 1st time and i used to garden a tad(but it always died damnit) i'ma just stick with soil.. havent looked into hydro and such yet but next grow i would love to get a shitload of weed out of this somehow =)... oh also the top isnt the only oppening.. there was a HUGE speaker i took out and left the hole there.. i can fit the plants pot and all through it for now(did i mention its about scrog mesh height? hehe.
  9. i think you would have better results if you can do a scrog. since youre just starting, you have plenty of time to prepare and to get materials needed. what type of light and wattage will you be using?
  10. eh i'm so broke i doubt i'll be able to buy anything else(including mesh to finish up for scrog). light is something out of my old fish tank..no feggin idea..once again i'm poor as piss so i'll just have to pray i get $15 from somewhere...for scrog i would take some mesh hang it about 6-10 inces above the pot veg for two weeks then kick to 12-12 and train the top through the mess...and snip off anything that grow above the canopy...eh well least thats what i figured from all i've read.. is that about right? oh and pics coming gotta figure out how to make the size smaller(friggen cheap cam). thanks for all the advice =)

    EDIT: if i ever do get the cash what kinda light should i get? its going to have to fit in that fixture i've built so eh nothing bigger than what would fit a 30 gall fish tank =(
  11. bought some cheap fluros.. these should do ok untill i can get some more money..with just that fish light at the very top the 1st batch just grew tall and died lol ..i'm building an adjustable light rack tonight =)

    :EDIT: this is so much work ..not for the faint harted
  12. light rack built..took me from the post above untill now to finish it all..the veg light i bought was a peice of junk that i ended up tossing away. but all i have to do now is buy a bigger veg light later and mount the flowering light i have in there up top somewhere.. built the rack out of a peice of wood a coke can and some tape..think that about finishes it up..here are pics of what i've built. last post here starting a grow log =) peace
  13. front

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  14. top

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  15. cant see it well but thats the point.. the fron cover is on in this pic. weed? what weed =)

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  16. i would just like to say that after drinking about 10 beers than sitting down and reading your post... especially the bits like the screwdriver in the arm and inhaling all that shit ...that i havent laughed this hard 4 quite a while....i hope you have a gr8 grow after all your effort...keep us posted...


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