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  1. they are kind of both fairly important to monitor just because if you know what is going in you should know what is coming out. depends on what you are growing in also.

    ironhead in coco, likes his run off to be around 6.2-6.5 in veg and flower. in at 6.0, out 6.2-6.5

    if the runoff is higher than 6.5, raise the ppm of the base solution by 100
    if the runoff is lower than 6.2, lower the ppm of the base solution by 100
    1ml of base soultion lowers the pH
    1ml less of base will raise the pH

    hope this helps
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  2. Both are important but the pH going in is the most important. As long as your run off is within range and not whacked out high or low - you're good. I don't mix more than a gallon of nutes at a time and I use it immediately so I can't comment on your pH drift. Maybe someone can chime in about that.
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  3. Thanks for helping clear this up a bit... Mick what numbers do you consider in range for coco? And chron when you say base solution, do you mean the main nute used to make the soup or the collective of nutes used?... I got to get a ppm meter I guess for sure
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  4. Between 5.5 and 6.5.
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  5. yes the main nute.
    so for me i run canna coco, it would be 1ml more of my base (canna coco a&b) per gallon of water would lower the pH of your overall solution.

    so if i feed and my run off is 6.7, i can mix the same exact feeding with 1ml more of my base nutrient and the runoff pH, in theory, should be closer to 6.5 or or so the second time through.

    if your runoff is 5.2, then cut back on the your base nutrient solution and you should see a raise in the runoff pH
  6. Why wouldn't you just mix the nutes to the desired strength and use pH up or down to adjust the pH instead of increasing or decreasing nute strength to adjust it?
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  7. I understand what you are saying but like Mick points out PH up and down are supposed to adjust PH. But I don't understand how PH 6.0 going in goes up to PH 6.7 consistently since this grow started near 5 weeks ago... I was wondering if it would be better to PH in to 5.7 to maybe get PH out down to maybe 6.4... btw I am using cana coco A/B with canazym also so I guess those would be my main nuts along with calmag
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  8. The run off is never going to be the same pH as what goes in. My last grow I had two plants and the run off on one was consistently in the mid 5's and the other one was in the mid 6's - always 6.0 going in. It won't hurt anything if you want to adjust down to 5.7 going in. There are coco growers that never check the run off as long as the plant is healthy.
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  9. Think maybe I need more nute of ph is off
  10. I wanted to go with the next light mega, possibly 2. After measuring the room an researching a lot of lights I'm looking at buying 6 of the viparspectra 1200w. They have 250 5w chips compared to the 2500 1/4 w chips on the next light so the dispersmeant of light is not as good. It's also $4200.00 cheaper haha, But with me doing the scrog, topping and pruning below the mesh I think the buds should be alright. Also I'm going to veg longer than 5 weeks because I have the room for bigger plants. I've done a lot of research on grows used with this light and I'm seeing great yields!! I'm also thinking 1 liter pots, 2.5 gallon pots and then maybe a 5 gallon for the rest of the grow for bigger roots. Two sets of scrog mesh, reflective foam board walls, a dehumidifier, some fans and I'm also thinking about incorporating controlled co2. Seems simple to setup.
    Let me know what you guys think!
  11. Will this be your first grow or have you been doing it for awhile?
  12. First indoor grow
  13. I don't mick I only do it on the plants that look like they have an issue

    SOUR DIESEL AND GHOST TRAIN HAZE before the gg4 crosses start to go in.
    SOUR DEISEL, STRAWBERRY HAZE first run to test before the gorilla glue #4 go in!
  14. I guess best rule of thumb here is if it's not broken don't try to fix it...
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  15. quick question.

    so i made my first mistake and it doesnt have anything to do with coco or the nutes lol.

    plants were happy and healthy. two of them will be 2 weeks old this thursday and one was working on its fourth set of true leaves and i had topped her the other was on its third and i topped her. (pics in my sig)

    then i had 7 seedlings that were in half a solo cup all in 50/50 coco perlite mix

    i was going out of town for the first time (i hand water every time unless i have to go out of town) so i setup my drip lines and got my res going and timers programmed and the whole 9 yards no problems. i setup everything after the timer is programmed to water so i manually turned the timers on and let it run and was so rushed to get out of the house i left the timer manually on and it ran for about 2 hours before i realized and turned around and got back to the garden.

    i know coco is hard to overwater but in this case they got watered for two hours straight before i fixed the issue.

    i am currently out of town until late tomorrow or Sunday, i know everything is working and the timers are on AUTO and the nutes at .9-1 EC.

    How will that two hour span of the drippers being ran effect the girls??
  16. I don't think it will be a problem as long as they have good drainage.
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  17. alright man thanks. yea they have good drainage. i water the two 32 oz cups with about 6oz of water and get plenty runoff.

    i was tripping out for a while thanks for the reassurance mick!
  18. Hi mock
    Hi mick awesome thread dude. Im curious as to why you buffer your coco. here in perth im able to get bags of pre-buffered, premixed 70/30 coco/perlite. Are you not able to get prebuffered coco where you live? Or would you still precharge reguardless??
  19. Yes we can get pre-buffered coco in the US, and I use it. My pre buffering method is for people who don't have pre-buffered coco, or people like me that pre-buffers anyway just to be safe. Thanks for the response and good luck with your grows.

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