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  1. Everyday is feeding time in coco. Feed everyday to run off and never just water.
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  2. Thanks for some revised info on coco. I started growing in coco about 8 years ago but it's been a while so I needed a refresher. I've got 12 autos ready to go in coco at the minute that will probably live to thank you. So, thank you.
  3. Good luck! :thumbsup:
  4. Nice thread Mick...
    I love working in coco
  5. Thanks man.
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  6. Hello Mick when I take my plants are in coco/perlite in a solo cup. When I take them out of the solo cup to transplant will the coco fall apart or will it stay together like soil does?
  7. It will stay together as long as the roots have filled the cup - usually 2 weeks for me.
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  8. I guess it is time for me to get ready to transplant as mine have started week 3 from sprout... I was going to go right into 5 gal cloth pots but where you recommend a smaller one that is what I will do got to go pick some smaller ones up.... I really appreciate the time you put into this thread so helpful Thanks
  9. whats up mick! subd up to this thread bro good info in here.
    im about to start my first coco experience so i will be popping in and out of here!
  10. Good luck! :thumbsup:
  11. thanks dude! ive grown for a few years in peat but the growth im seeing is undeniably the most explosive there is in coco so it wasnt hard to switch. i will be running nine girls, 3 groups of 3, 3 weeks apart in 3gal with a 3week veg from clone and definitely decided on a drip system just in case i cant be there for a day or so.

    should be interesting:dance2:
  12. Nice methodology Mick!

    How do you manage your runoff with every feeding? Is your tray pitched with a drainage hole or do you extract it daily with a wet vac or do you have very little runoff and allow it to evaporate?

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  13. My tray is on a platform I built with pvc and a piece of plywood at a slight incline so that the run off drains out of a hole into a small bucket. Simple. I always have a lot of run off - I feed each plant 1 gallon twice a day in flower.
  14. My apologies, I just re-read post 10 and you detail it there.

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  15. Hello Mick my grow here is 25 days old.. do they look to you like where they should be for 25 days?
  16. Your plants look good man. Very healthy - good job. Do you have those fabric pots elevated off of the drip pan?
  17. Yes I do, I started watering 2 times a day as you suggested 2 days ago, they have all been topped and are being trained... I had the lights 18" above plants as light manufacture recommends but they have not been getting any stretch they are low and flat.. so low and flat I am having a hard time getting them over those rings I have there so I raised the light to 20" to see if they will stretch a bit to make it easier to train...

    This is a pic taken yesterday of plant #1.. you can see I have the top tied so it is over to the left side of the pot and you an see new growth in the center and to the right side but the new growth is below the water ring... if I just leave my lights at 18" will this new growth eventually grow taller? The way it is now I can not tie onto the new growth as it is just to low.. the new growth is very full and all packed together

  18. I have 2 of these...

    They are ok but nothing like cob lights... there is another member here who's seeds germinated on a few days before mine. We are both using cana coco and cana nutes A/B but his plants are 2 or 3 times bigger than mine. The only difference is he is using expensive cob lights and I am using cheep amazon lights... this is why I asked Mick if my plants looked about right for their age or if his lights make that much difference... but there is one other thing he is doing and maybe not just his lights.... he is pumping air into the roots... maybe that is a bigger factor than his lights?

    I had bought my cana nutes before I found Micks thread so I am using them, next grow I will be doing Micks grow techniques to the letter it is simple basic and economic, most of all it is proven but I think Mick uses cob lights as well so their has to be something to the lights
  19. Your plants look good close to mine at that age but mine exploded after week 2 and got big fast. I also follow Mick's post except the for nutes I use remo and I have a mars II 900 recently added a 450 meizhi reflector as I had a bit too much stretch on 1 of my 2 plants

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