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  1. I read that with coco it should be flushed every 4 days and that for a 5 gal pot to flush with 10 gallons of water. This don't make sense for 2 gallon pots I would need 20 gallons of water... doesn't flushing just put your nutes down the drain??
  2. I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. I don't know where you read that coco should be flushed every 4 days, but it's certainly nothing that I advocate.
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  3. It is why I asked you.... I plan to pretty much follow your plan. I thought I would have seeds this week but an order I put in out of canada a week ago just got shipped yesterday and the other order is out of NL it got shipped a week and a half ago so who knows on that order.... but I have everything else here ready to go
  4. Good luck with your grow.
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  5. Very nice!!!
    Unfortunately I have a couple things that would hinder duplication. Mainly, I have to haul water and I don't really want to be watering every day.
    That said, like you, I only grow for myself and for immediate family and I end up with more weed than I need as it is. I get a lb each grow, getting between 3-4 oz per plant.
    Been threatening a scrog for some time though and as I think about it it might be nice to do one grow a year ( I am perpetual as I am the keeper of some classic clone strains...so I would have to at least keep a couple mothers going inbetween)
    Have you ever tried peat/perlite? I keep my peat perpetually moist also but that is done with watering to runoff...2 days later giving a half water...andn 2 days later watering to runoff. (not stringent with the above but it becomes pretty regular as the grow progresses)
    I like the halos...thought they were more expensive than they are. What diameter do you use?
    You say use the "original" air pots...who is the manufacturer of the original?
    The only area I would be a bit contrarian about is your justification of your LEDs...
    You don't have to buy $100 bulbs. When I started I did, but found little difference in just buying PlantMax bulbs at 1/3 the price. I buy 2 bulbs a year (one MH, one HPS) for about $65 and I would bet I could push them at least another grow or two or more. with little yield reduction.
    You mention running an exhaust fan as a cost difference...don't you run an exhaust for smell dissipation and air refreshment?
    Lastly, the heat generation comparison is always subjective when it should not be. My room is in an unheated barn. I live in a climate that requires me to ADD heat to my room to some degree, 9 months a year. Were I running LEDs, I would spend more on electricity.
    Regardless, I love what you have done here and am sending you a virtual multi-pat on the back. Impressive creation. Thanks for sharing.
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  6. No I've never tried peat/perlite
    I use the 6" diameter - the 9" was just a little too big for my air-pots.
    air-pot.com then click on the air-pot usa option.
    I'm in a unique situation. I live alone and I have a small room addition off of my dining room that I can close off in the summer because of the additional cost for a/c. I grow in the winter when I can open up my house for fresh cool air, and nobody is within smell distance.
    Thanks for the kind words.
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  7. I was looking back through your thread here to see how you germinate??
  8. I put the seed in Rapid Rooters. I do not pre-germinate. Do what works best for you.
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  9. I have some of those... plain water or distiled better to water rooters and do you PH the water for germination? I can't say what works best for me yet... it's my first time! My Aurora indica order got here today.. will start germination tomorrow :) Thanks for your info....
  10. wow....Great post. thanks for your time.

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    Hey mick

    I'm nearing the end of my first grow (5th week of flowering)
    So far so good and the experience of watching the plant go from seed to mind candy has been life changing.

    Just wondering what your take on final flushing is with coco.
    I never flushed throughout the grow cause I never saw any reason to. She always looked healthy.

    But I'm hearing final flush to get rid of all nutes is recommended.(currently feeding ~1050 ppm)

    Is it better to flush 5-10 gal worth of ph ro water 7-10 days before harvesting then daily plain water?
    Or perhaps no massive flush just feed ro ph water 7-10 days before harvest?

    Or just ignore flushing completely and focus on bud wash (indoor crop?) dry and curing ?

    Also any thoughts about mixing molasses to the plain water during the first few days of plain watering?

  12. Hey Jblitz -

    I have never used molasses (or any additive for that matter) so I can't comment on that.

    Flushing is a controversial subject and both sides are passionate about it. I do not flush because I don't believe in withholding food for the most important 2 weeks of bud production. I feel that a proper dry and cure is the key to a smooth smoke.

    Earlier this year I did an experiment with 2 Nirvana Ice plants. I did not flush one and the other I ran plain pH'd water for the last 10 days. After a one month cure there was no difference in taste, smoothness, or potency. I also took pictures of the ash from a joint of both for those people that claim the white ash/black ash thing and there was no difference.

    If you feel better doing a flush, then go for it. Good luck! :)
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  13. Hey Mick

    Thought I would also say hi and thanks
    This post inspired me I was up in air on how to grow after a shaky 1st grow in bad soil.
    I am now on week 2 of flower and have done almost step by step as you have shown and everything is going great.
    In your flushing experiment was the yield noticible in the 2 plants?

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  14. Hi Islandborn - Thanks and I'm glad your grow is going good. I didn't notice a considerable difference in the yield between the two plants - the one I flushed yielded a little less than the one I didn't.
    Good luck with your grow!
  15. Hey mick..thanks for the feedback.

    In your nirvana ice experiment, did you continue feeding the (non flush) plant at full strength all the way to harvest?

    Or did you taper nutes down during the last week or so?
  16. I tapered down to 1/2 strength for the last few days.
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  17. Mick coco question please... I think I have read that with soil nutes should be fed only every other watering but coco use nutes every watering, is that correct, is there any time during the grow that changes? Thanks
  18. I have no idea because I have never used soil nutes - I have only used MaxiBloom.
  19. Sorry I said that wrong what I had meant was grows in soil feed every other day.. I am using coco nutes in my coco... that being said do you feed your coco with coco friendly nutes every feeding or every other feeding?
  20. Sorry I said that wrong what I had meant was grows in soil feed every other day.. I am using coco nutes in my coco... that being said do you feed your coco with coco friendly nutes every feeding or every other feeding?

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