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  1. I’m going to go see what 1/4 tsp equates to ppm wise. I read it wrong the first time . You very well may have a hungry seeding that wants a bit more. I’ll get back to ya

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  2. Well I only have 1/2 tsp but subtracting half makes 1/4 tsp about 1.75 grams giving it a ppm 200 so your almost spot on the very light side of seedlings feeding ppm. Try letting silica settle and increasing the ferts to 1/2 tsp She seems to be telling ya she wants more. It’s all about learning to read your plants . I recommend a ppm meter until you have several grows under your belt like mick does . I’m all for keeping it simple but a ppm meter will help ya learn even more in the beginning . Good luck bro and let us know how ya made out ~ vape

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  3. Hears the deal, I told ya I have ocd and it was bothering me that I didn’t have a 1/4 tsp only 1/2 so I had to eye ball it so to speak so I went back to see exactly what 1/2 Tbs was so I didn’t leave anyone reading astray ... 1/2 tsb is 3 grams exactly using a pice of paper to make it flush across the top of the 1/2tsp which is a ppm of 420. You should be around hear the first week from sprout safely to give ya an idea. At least 350 ppm if your super cautious. Under feeding can show similar signs as over feeding , ph swings and to complicate the matter even more.. lock out lol. But usually if it’s not ph or calcium mag def.. it’s under or over feeding. Mostly in the early stages as you are with the rust spots , until the root get a chance to grow ,branch out and the grower realizes it wants more and gives it to them. That’s when things take off for ppl just getting started. Some ppl never go over 500-600 ppm in full bloom. Anyway I can sleep now I have made sure no one was miss lead lol mick I hope ya didn’t mind me helping out brother ttys
    ~ vape

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  4. thanks for the detailed response. I’ll try 1/2 tspn (or a little less) MB and look into a Ppm meter on amazon.
    Are the 20$ one any good?

    Much appreciated
  5. Yes there totally fine . Good luck man . I think you should be good to go once she starts going. Let us know how ya made out and if it helped your little problem . ~ vape

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  6. Thanks you, tds meter ordered.
    I was looking over the county water report and shows very hard water - 480ppm

    could this be part of the problem?

    Looking at different ways to lower this number if need be

    learning a lot, thanks
    -should I be posting elsewhere? Just trying to mimic Micks method, but want to keep the thread on track
  7. 480 is very hard water bro, there could be a ton of other crap in there. They do make ferts for hard water areas . Ya may wanna make a switch . I know ionic makes a hard water fert. Check your tds of your water when ya get your meter to make sure what your starting with . I know your suppose to subtract your starting water like it’s 0 ppm but 480 is screaming high for sure. My water is 170 coming out with a ph of 7.2. A remedy to lower the ppm would be to cut your tap with distilled or filtered h20. They also make filters that attach to a hose ya could try or an ro filtration system that wastes a ton of water. Ya probably wanna start your own thread not to jam up micks thread. I’m sure he don’t mind to an extent but it would be best. Don’t be scared to try other ferts if ya gotta . You will be well armed with your tds meter There’s plenty of good ones out there dyna grow for instance . Good shit... helped save my grow in dwc a few years ago. Anyway decide what ya wanna do but cutting your h20 from your tap with distilled water may be your best bet or look into a filtration system. Good luck

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  8. ok, thanks guys for trying to help me out
    I’ll start another thread

    be safe out there y’all
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  9. Just wanted to pop in and let you know you’re still the man Mick.

    Everyone should KISS coco and stop crying about salt build ups and flushes.
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  10. Hey Mick, the GH nutrient schedule recommends flushing, and you don't flush, so do you koolbloom til the end starting from when they say to start?
  11. I use liquid KoolBloom at the start of flower and dry KoolBloom the last two weeks for ripening.
    I don't use the recommended quantities for MaxiBloom on the GH feeding chart......they recommend .75 tsp and last grow I only used .33 tsp. If you don't over feed there's no reason to do any kind of flush.

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  12. if i wanted to add my reservoir under a table like that, how can i diagnose one sick individual plant if all my run off for all my plants is accumulated in the same tray? what’s the easiest way to measure for each individual plant?
  13. Just get a sample from each plant and test it......I use the vial that I put my drops into for pH testing.
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  14. Can I have my carbon filter out side of my tent and just have the exhaust ducting there to save room and have the tornado box fan with the filter attached. The whole reason is so my light can go higher

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  15. Hi everyone, hope all is well. So I started week 7 and I haven't killed them yet! Made a few mistakes but hopefully learning. For starters I think I waited an extra week or two to top them so I had an extra week or two of veg. But I think my biggest problem is with the Amazon lights I bought. Each one only drawing 165 watts, I had to push all 4 pots close together to get them under the light. My son lent me another which draws 350 so I could spread them out under the scrog net. And I think I over pruned, taking too much off from the middle of the plants. But I still have time to kill them! Later...

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  16. Nice looking plants.
    If you want to showcase your plants, perhaps you could start your own thread?
    Good luck.
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  17. Hey Mick, did you post about your hempy grow anywhere? I’m really interested in how it does vs your dtw coco
  18. I scrapped the hempy and did my grow in coco instead.
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  19. Mick, thanks for taking the time to start this thread and continue to be active on it. I’m currently on my first grow. I have a hydro set up and I’d like to switch to coco next.

    My question so far is: I went to the GH website and found a feeding chart for Maxibloom. Is that what you use for your grows?

    Here’s the link


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  20. Thanks.

    I use part of that chart. I don't feed the recommended strength for the Maxi but I do follow the amounts for the Armor Si, Liquid KB, Dry KB. I think I only fed 1/3 tsp. of maxi on my last grow......they call for 3/4 tsp.

    Good luck with your grow and thanks again.
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