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Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by MickFoster, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. No......they're perlite hempys with a hydroton top layer.
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  2. Mick you should see my hempys im growing now, im using the lucas formula and rain water, they just started though, i cut clones from the plants i have in flower right now, gorilla zkittles from barneys farm and cheese from seedsman

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  3. I want a zkittles clone. I really really want like a heirloom afgan plant. whos got me?

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  4. Quick update, Today begins week 6 so I'm getting ready to scrog. I flipped to 12/12 today and feeding a gallon twice a day from now on. I don't know if my platform is going to work out, I smoked a bone and my mind just kinda wandered a bit I guess. But I used it for the first time today and it worked out well.

    Hope all is well

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  5. I dunno if this is appropriate to post, but since you used the last of the sm-90 on your last grow, I found that nutrilife has made a new product called Super Moist which is supposedly a super concentrated new formulation of sm-90.

    SM-90 the recommended rate of application was 2-3ml per gallon, where Super Moist it is 0.3-0.5ml per gallon.

    I found some here
    Nutrilife Super Moist Wetting Agent - Web Hydroponics

    I’ve never used either, but I thought it might be interesting to you
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  6. Thanks so much brother........I am definitely interested.
    I had no idea that this product existed.......sounds like it's exactly the same as SM90 but relabeled and more concentrated.
    I'll definitely use it on my next grow.

    Thanks again. :thumbsup:
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  7. Hey mick, what’s up brother hope all is well. This corona thing has been crazy to say the least . It has given me a lot of time to get my room together and order seeds and ferts which brings me to my question., I just got that super moist to replace the sm-90.. never used ether. When should I add it to my water? After the silica I’m sure but before or after the maxi ? I plan on using exactly what you have going on fert and additive wise. Thanks bro

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  8. I add it last.
    Good luck and let me know how that super moist works.
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  9. Thanks and I absolutely will. Getting all my ducks in a row and playing with my environment . I believe I have it dialed in. Just waiting on a titan Mercury 4 controller for my fan. I think I can do a Sumer run now that I changed stuff up. Basement don’t go above 66f humidity at 50% without lights on. Lights on always drops my humidity and once plants are in they raise it so I’m hoping it should come in near perfect. Temps are at 78 with in-line fan on full. Controller will idle it at lights off . Anyway I’m excited to get going. Took the time to get everything just right . Seeds are on there way . Here is that mobile scrog nets All finished and ready to roll.



    Here’s the finished room



    Anyway I’ll let ya know about that soil moist. I’m hoping good things cause it was 80 bucks before shipping lol thanks again bud

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  10. Hi all, first post and first grow indoor-so bear with me

    basing this grow off of micks coco kiss scrog.
    At one week since sprout.

    I have the plants in solo cups w 1:1 coco:perlite
    1/4 tsp maxibloom
    2ml silica blast
    1ml cal mag

    per gallon of water

    I have a 6” inline exhaust fan set to a thermostat
    That keeps temps nicely in the 73 to 75 f range

    strain is regular seeds cookie glue from equilibrium seeds

    I have a couple preliminary questions with more to follow I’m sure.

    1) mixing nutes...
    I’ve been adding silica first, ph-ing to 6ish
    Add dissolved maxibloom
    Add cal mag
    Ph to 6.0
    Water plants immediately after mixing to 20-30% run off daily

    runoff was coming out at 6 or very close

    Does this sound correct?
    Not sure if I need to supplement w cal mag
    City water quality report shows 53ppm calcium
    And 21ppm magnesium
    (Anyone more familiar w ppm values- should I supplement?)

    I have a China made 480w (true watts) “quantum board” w legit Samsung lm301h 3500k diodes and dimmable meanwell driver.
    Not the true hlg or next light like mick has, but seems decent.
    I have I dimmed down to around 140 true watts and about 14” from the solo cups.
    Should I be brighter/dimmer or farther/ closer
    I have no idea, so I could be way off. Just guessing

    Humidity: at 55% RH not sure if I should have bags over solo cups or if getting the leaves dancing with the computer fans is better?

    seedlings look ok, definitely a little smaller than micks for week 1.
    They are not stretching at all and have some “rust?” Spots on them. The closeup pics are of the 2 worst ones

    I have many more questions, but those are the big ones for now.

    any feedback for a novice appreciated, thank you! 11896612-601D-4AAD-B32A-4E14B708EA32.jpeg 6232EF89-B500-425A-9E7E-D87771E4314F.jpeg 0B8452AC-F1E4-4484-91BD-67AFEBC49A76.jpeg E87B4A00-37EC-45FC-A247-F07FE0FC6910.jpeg
  11. What brand of coco are you using?
    Did you rinse and pre-charge your coco?
    You may not need calmag being that you're using tap water.
    You're mixing it properly, but you only need to pH it at the end of mixing.

    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
  12. Here's how I do the individual scrogs
  13. Since I grow different strains to make the canopy level after the stretch I prop them up so the tops are the same
  14. I got some of that super moist and add it last but as soon as I add it, it clouds up my reservoir. I think it's reacting with something in there. I'm running 2mg DIY Silca Blast, 7g Maxibloom, 2mg cal mag, 1mg liquid koolbloom, .4 mg drip clean and .3mg supermoist per gallon. I'll try adding it before the drip clean and see if it clouds things up.

    I should also point out that from the above, I'm going to switch from the cloth pots to generic airpots next run.

    I also run Kingbrite (china made) qb288 clones (3500k with epistar reds) (480w), they seem to be working great. I did just add one HLG qb288 v2 rspec in there (135w) because I thought they could handle a little more light.

  15. Hi mick, thanks for the reply!
    Im using “coco bliss premium coco coir pith” bricks from Amazon
    Yes I rinsed and precharged as per your post at the beginning of this post. I might have gone a little hot on the maxibloom for the precharge rinse as the recommended dose on the bag is higher. Realized this after the fact.

    Good to know that the high ph from The silica will not hurt the MB. Makes my life easier

    thanks again!
  16. Not sure what you mean by this?
    Are you pHing the solution after everything is added?
  17. Yes
    yes, doing a final ph to 6 before watering.

    I was worried after doing some reading that the high ph from the silica would cause the (salts?) in the maxibloom to (precipitate?) and fall out of solution..
    -still learning

    If not it just saves me having to ph after silica and then again at the end.

    thanks for the reply!
  18. What’s up guys hope all is well. Make sure you let the silica settle for an hour or more before mixing the rest of your ferts. By not letting silica stabilize in your water and adding ferts right away will create floating hot spots and cause lock out of certain nutrients. Could be why you have rust spots or possibly the calmag being your using tap water with it in it already . Just a guess but something ya might want to think about . Also lower the maxi dose. I been doing some experimental mixing and found that 1.0gram of maxi is roughly 120 ppm. With my tap h2o ppm is 170 coming out and 130 after letting it sit out for 8hrs or so. Ph is 7.2 mixing 2.5 mill of silicablast it raised my ppm by 10 and shoots up my ph to 8.6 or something like that. After I add 1 gram of maxi my ppm is around 260 or so and my ph stabilizes at around 6.5 before any adjustment is made . Hope that helps

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  19. Hi, thank you
    I will cut the cal mag
    And follow the rest of your recommendations

    1)how long before the plants respond to this kind of change?

    2) Do you think my lighting height / power setting is good?

    thanks for the help everyone- I’m not off to the best start, but i think it could be worse
  20. They should respond pretty quick I would imagine . Now your just giving it 1ml a gal of calmag if my memory is correct so I am more leaning to the silica not settling and creating hot pockets . I am by no means an expert but suffer from OCD , always looking for the reason why things could go sideways during a run. I’m not familiar with you lights so I can’t really comment on height. I roll with t-5’s during veg but thinking of growing from seed to harvest with my dimmable advanced xml 650 with 630 actual watts. If I were you I would keep them where it is. They don’t seem to be heat or light stressed out, just a little spotty , make slow changes, try letting the silica settle for a few hrs before mixing maxi . Your probably safe not using the cal mag right now but it’s good to have just in case. Drop the ppm , tsp amount or how ever your calculating your feeding . You prob wanna be around 100-200 ppm minus your taps ppm for seedlings witch would be about 1-1.75 grams of maxi. 1gram being 100-120 ppm. Your ph run off seems stable so just ph after all ferts are mixed and see how it go’s . I always dilute the silica with water before directly pouring It into what ever it is you mix you ferts in. Hope it turns things around for ya but you are by no means in dire straits that’s for sure . Good luck bro

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