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Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by MickFoster, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. I did do a couple of hempy autos last year.
    I was originally going to do a hempy run this year, but scrapped it and decided to do coco instead.
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  2. Mick what lighting do you have on them 2? Im thinking of going mars hydro. Id like a qb but the mars are well priced and look like the same thing

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  3. NextLight Mega.
  4. thats too funny i used to get the commercials fir that light all the time while i was watching tou tube. i am going to be watching.
  5. Is it okay to use the full 7g of maxibloom? This ends up at like 1250 ppm (2500 EC) with my tap which seems really high, but I have pretty strong lights so I dunno. Should I lower this to 1/2 or 1/4th like you are doing now?
  6. It's ok to use it as long as it doesn't burn the plants.
    I'm a believer that less is more.....this grow I only used 1/3 tsp. per gallon. You can always add more if a problem develops.
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  7. Great read mick, and fantastic info for sure. I have a few questions I was hoping you could answer for me as I was mostly an outdoor soil guy. my first question is about lighting . I have an advanced xml 650 for flower and a 6 bulb t-5 for veg. When switching to the flowering room do you harden them off first gradually to full power?or full power Right from the switch. Also how far are you keeping your led from your tops. Question 2... does the panty hose trick around your air pots take care of any fruit fly issue? What do you think about adding a layer of sand on the top to prevent egg being laid in the top layer of coco As a preventative Measure ? thanks in advance bro, I appreciate all the help your offering to community
  8. I appreciate the kind words brother.

    I don't know anything about the light you're using so I can't comment on distance. I have an 8 bulb t5 that I use for the first two weeks or so......I switch lighting when the plants out grow the t5 footprint. My led doesn't have the ability to lower the power, so when I switch it's full power. I start at about 3ft away and lower it daily until it's about 20" away.

    You might be confusing fungus gnats with fruit flies. Putting a layer of sand on top will work.....I use either perlite or river rocks, or a combination of both.

    Good luck. :)
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  9. Nice one bro, reminds me of my microgrow I had going a while back. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  10. Lol “fruit flies” what the hell was I thinking hahaha! My advanced xml 650 is amazing imo. It really does it all from cloning veg and flower , dimmable and Made in USA. Maybe I’ll invest in a light meter and really get my ocd really rippin hahaha!! I did one run in Dwc with the lamp but that was a few years ago .Its just that I really don’t have much experience with the lamp and indoor grow in general . I’ll just have to play with it and do some more research . Here’s a link to the led I use if anyone’s interested.

    I’m actually preparing for next September as growing here in the summer is way to hot and running ac all the time isn’t cost effective for me. I’m going to pretty much follow your system in coco. I dig the less is more thing but if you were getting great results using 7g maxi , what made you make that huge shift in amounts? Stuffs pretty cheep so I’m guessing flavor? Thats my most important characteristic of cannabis and a lot of it has to do with drying and curing . So why the switch bro? Inquiring minds want to know
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  11. The only reason I reduced the amount was because 7g (1tsp) was burning the leaf tips.......1/2 is usually the most I use now.
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  12. Good to know bro . I’ll base everything on 3.5 grams as full strength and break it down from there in stages from ( seedling, veg,, flower) and adjust accordingly . I’m assuming you changed soaking your rapid rooter as well correct ? Thanks again man I won’t kill ya anymore with questions .looking for a smoother run this time brother .. that last dwc run I had major problems with root rot not being able to control the water temp in the buckets. Reading your post was like answering my growing prayers .
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  13. I don't know what you mean?
  14. Sry for the confusion ...in the beginning of your post on your original feeding schedule and germination option , you said that from sprout you gave 1/4 strength mb. I assumed when you said you soaked your rr in a light solution and squeezed them out a bit Ithat it was soaked at 1/4 strength as well. I was one of those guys that waited a week or so before feeding
  15. Like all growers.......I'm constantly changing things up.
    I've experimented with different soaking solutions for my rapid rooters.......tap water, 1/4 strength nutes, and purified water......there was no difference regarding germination. I do feed 1/4 strength nutes once it sprouts.
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  16. Absolutely man , nothing is etched in stone .just wanted to make sure I don’t roast my little ladies right outta the gate as 1/4 strength at 7g is a pretty big difference from 1/4 strength at 3.5 or even the 1/3 tsp you give them now since you have now reduced what you consider your full strength solution in half from 7g (1-tsp) to 3.5g (1/2 tsp) It’s easier for me to understand ec or ppm rather than tsp, ml ect ect.. I’ll grab some mb and do some ppm tests to get a better understanding . Thank for all your time man. I shall pass the knowledge I have learn from you and help someone else in need in return Carp Diem!
  17. That looks nice!!! Im hoping mine get nice colas im a few days into flower now. Using the maxi at 1/3 tsp a gal with a little flower fuel to droo ph a bit more..seems to bring it up to 6.2 but im ok with that. Ill change it next feed im trying to stick with about 6.0 -/+.1. Does this look ok? Running a marshydro ts1000 at about 12 inches. 20200226_163610.jpg

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  18. Yeah youll be good im feeding my seedlings MaxiBloom at 1/3 tsp just like my flowering plant they seem great. Also sum lavender. So its gentle. 1582758599619.jpg

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  19. That is quite impressive mate.

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  20. Thanks for the reassurance . I was one of those guys that gave them nothing for the first week or so . Stoked to get going in sept. I have a couple runs under my belt doing dwc that even though went some what successfully , I struggled all the way through with pith and root rot, wasting tons of water and ferts trying to correct the problem. Not including the excess amount of work it took to see it through so it wasn’t a total wash.Hoping for a much smoother run this go around with rtw . I decided to build an automated rtw system using the halo’s so I’m able to do more feeding when I’m not around. Mostly for ph run-off issues if that were to happen and hopefully .... consistent ppm in the coco. What are you guys using in place of the sm-90 not being available? I used the hydrogaurd in my dwc run but didn’t help in that situation.. I’m thinking of using Dutch master zone . Anyone have any recommendations ?

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